10 best World Series games of all-time

The Toronto Blue Jays have triumphed in one of the greatest games of the World Series. Photo from the Toronto Star.

How can anyone come up with a list of the best world championship games ever? There are over 100 years of World Championship history and at least four games each year, so there are plenty of games to consider. One will also have to look at MLB Posteason’s most entertaining games and greatest playoffs to find the best games.

But that’s exactly what we did. We scoured the record books and videotape for the best World Series games of all time. Some were compelling or surprising, some were just entertaining, and some included some of the greatest cut-throat performances ever. But they all stood out in some way.

The best world championship games

Unfortunately, we had to limit it to the top 10 world championship games of all time. Honestly, there were plenty of other games that could have easily made the list. If you have any complaints, just keep that in mind.

However, here is our list of the top 10 world championship games in baseball history.

10. Game 7, 1997 World Championships

Compared to the games on the rest of our list, this game often gets lost in the shuffle. But there isn’t much of a 7s that goes into 11 rounds.

Keep in mind that the Marlins had to scratch a run in the bottom nine against Cleveland closest Jose Mesa only to force additional innings.

Banning Cleveland from scoring on Days 10 and 11, the Marlins carried the bases into the bottom 11. Edgar Renteria had a smashing success in the game as Craig Counsell jumped on the board with the winning round, giving the expansion the Marlins the world title in only its fifth season.

9. Game 6, 1977 World Championship

Naturally, this game is mentioned because of one of the greatest playoffs of all time.

After hitting home in his last Game 5 game, Reggie Jackson went on to score three home runs in Game 6.

Technically, he has scored four home runs in four consecutive flips across those two games. Even more impressively, Jackson’s three home runs in Game 6 came from three different bowlers, including soccer player Charlie Hough, resulting in the Yankees’ 8-4 win in the series decision game.

8. Game 7, 1960 World Championship

The game itself was memorable for being a 7, but the only thing anyone remembers is that Bill Mazerowski was walking home in the bottom of the 9.

So far, this is still the only race in Game 7 of the World Championship.

Of course, the match before wasn’t half bad. The Buccaneers took a 4-0 lead after two rounds, but the Yankees dominated by four runs in the sixth inning. They built on that lead, only for Pittsburgh to score five runs at the bottom of eighth. Two more runs from the Yankees in the top ninth place tied 9-9, eventually setting up Mazeroski to the hugely successful Homer.

7. Game 5, 1956 World Championships

There are only so many World Series games that can outshine a perfect game. Don Larsen of the Yankees hit the only perfect game in World Championship history.

Larsen performed very well, requiring only 97 throws and allowing only one hit to reach the three-ball count, and it happened in the first inning. It was the pure and magical perfection of Larsen on the largest stage possible.

6. Game 7, 2016 World Championship

As if Game 7 of the World Series didn’t have enough drama, tension and intrigue, this game was delayed by rain after the ninth inning with the game tied.

There was also the small matter of the Cubs trying to break the epic tournament drought. In an all-night back-and-forth game, the Cubs were on the verge of winning it all until Rajai Davis’ home run highlighted Cleveland’s eight-time inning to help enforce additional rounds.

In the end, the Cubs scored two runs at the top of the tenth inning, only to give up one inning and put a tie on the base at the bottom of the inning. This forced a twice-court change with Mike Montgomery scoring and saving the final as the Cubs finally won the championship.

5. Game 6, 1993 World Championships

If we’re being honest, Toronto’s 15-14 Game 4 win over the Phillies almost made our list. But Joe Carter’s home tour to finish the series makes this one of the all-time classics.

Keep in mind that the Blue Jays scored three games in the first inning to take an early lead, only for the Phillies to lead 6-5 after scoring five games in the seventh. It looked like Philly would live to see Game 7 with Mitch Williams on the hill to close it out. But with two runners at the base, Carter crashed a home race that barely managed to get past the wall in only the second round at home to finish the world championship.

4. Game 7, 1991 World Championships

Game 6 would have almost made this list thanks to Kirby Puckett running on his home ground to force Game 7.

This allowed the Twins to send Jack Morris up the hill in Game 7 to deliver one of the greatest playoffs of all time. Morris the Braves closed in for 10 innings until the twins finally scored on Jane Larkin’s single at the bottom of tenth place to win the World Championships in one of the best games of all time.

3. Game 6, 1975 World Championships

There haven’t been many World Series home games like that of Carlton Fisk in this one, which is why this game stands out among the best World Series games ever.

But even before that, the Red Sox needed a tie in the game by scoring three runs at the bottom of eighth.

Boston also loaded the bases with no finals at the bottom of the ninth, but couldn’t push the winning run. This ushered the game into additional innings, which was clearly tense for Fenway’s followers until Fisk saved the match with his home run that barely stayed fair with Fisk’s desire to keep the ball fair with his arms. Unfortunately for the Red Sox, they lost Game 7, keeping the curve alive for another 29 years.

2. Game 6, 2011 World Championship

Leading 7-4 after seven rounds, the Rangers were almost counting their chickens before they hatched. Even after St. Louis returned in eighth place, Texas was only three points away. But David Friese’s hat-trick tied the game down the ninth to force additional innings and keep the Cardinals alive.

But the drama did not end there.

Rangers scored two runs at the top of 10th to regain the lead, only for St. Louis to match them at the bottom of 10th. On the eleventh, Freese reappeared and finished things off with a house tour, forcing the Cardinals into the seventh game he would eventually win with Freese to earn a World Series MVP honor.

1. Game 6, 1986 World Championships

How can any game from the world championship outperform this game?

The Red Sox were so close to winning the World Championship that the Shea Stadium scoreboard accidentally sent a congratulatory message before the match ended.

But that’s why you play all 27 teams.

In fact, you have to play all 30 competitions because this game went to 10 runs where the Red Sox scored two hits in the top half of the game and quickly retired the top hitters in the bottom half. But Gary Carter is single, Kevin Mitchell is single, and Ray Knight.

The Mets then tied the bout on wild ground before a Mookie Wilson reel to first base behind Bill Buckner, sending Knight home with the win. If you didn’t know, you might think that the end of this game was straight out of the movies because it was so improbable, however it happened.

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