30 Day Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp

30 Day Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp


The Bootcamp Challenge has given thousands of people in dozens of countries more lucid dreams.

The average Bootcamp competition student gets their first lucid dream within 2-3 weeks*.

A high-quality, printable template that you can follow every day. This is the main motivational tool that will trigger lucid and regular dreams for you. Follow this form every day for 5-8 minutes. The exercises may seem strange, but they work very quickly. It is all based on proven psychological principles and concepts.

An accompanying e-book explains exactly what you should do, and goes into more detail about the regimen, daily exercises, and more.

A world-class lucid dream coach “in your pocket”. Take lessons directly from our video a day program, as if I were there personally coaching you to achieve a lucid dream

Affirmations have been shown to be very effective in changing and imprinting your belief system and removing limiting beliefs.

By repeating this small set of powerful conscious affirmations, you will reprogram your subconscious mind to adopt the beliefs that support you and only help you become clearer.

Lucid Adventure Chart is a super powerful program designed to help you visualize specific dream scenes and develop advanced control over your lucid dream scene. This is the ultimate guide to creating exactly the dream scene and adventure you want!

This will allow you to become the creator and builder of the scenes of your dreams, just like in Inception. Design dream levels, then effortlessly experience the dream you want!

“Hack” your subconscious mind and “brainwash” you into lucid dreaming. A crisp and beautiful “graphic pack” with phone lock screens, reality check reminders, desktop and laptop wallpapers and vivid dream quotes. This will really help keep you motivated and remind you to take reality checks! These are the graphics that I made for myself and still use. I thought you might be able to use it too!

Copy my exact morning routine for regular lucid dreams, on autopilot. A beautiful, printable 9-step morning routine for conscious dreamers. Do these things, and you’ll fast track your success! This will help you stay on track and motivated while learning. You don’t need to follow this if you’re short on time, but it’s just a nice way to keep you on track!

A detailed e-book that shows you how to meditate specifically for lucid dreams. Meditation is practiced by millions of people all over the world including famous personal growth teachers like Tony Robbins.

It has been shown to reduce stress, reverse aging, and help you build your self-awareness. Many powerful meditation techniques and techniques that will directly help you achieve lucid dreaming (including things that will save you hours of practice)

Exactly what meditation is supposed to feel like is explained, and why most people get it wrong. Also, how to actually meditate without the “weird and spiritual” stuff

This book goes into great detail, showing you exactly how to use over 14 popular (And not so common) lucid dreaming supplements to boost your lucid dreams. Explains how to make your dreams longer, more intense, more realistic, and feel better and more refreshing (you wake up feeling more energized)

You’ll also get an in-depth look at how to use certain techniques in conjunction with lucid dreaming supplements, if you want to take it further. This is not for beginners but I included it because I know you’ll want to go further once you have more lucid dreams this month!

This eBook gives you a detailed description of over 100 exciting things you can try and do in your lucid dreams. Think of this like your personal “lucid bucket list” to keep track of, so you’ll always know what you should be trying to do in your lucid dreams.

Many of these things aren’t talked about online, and you’ve never tried them. Along with each idea is a detailed explanation of what it will feel like and why it’s great. Some open the way to reinforcement learning, and others expand your creativity. They will all leave you wanting more!

EASY TO FOLLOW: The Bootcamp Challenge is a step-by-step printable template that shows you exactly what to practice to master your dreams and lucid dreams in 20 days or less (and you only need 3-8 minutes a day)

PROVEN TO WORK: Learn why most beginners fail, and follow our step-by-step plan. Unique and specific exercises to follow every day for at least 30 days. It is very effective, and it has been proven to work! (He has now helped thousands of dreamers around the world)

If you follow the exercises, no matter how strange they may be, you will train your mind to lucid dream. But you’ll quickly see for yourself in just a few weeks how effective it can be, and how life-changing it can be. The average Bootcamp competition student gets their first lucid dream within 2-3 weeks*. Some have their first lucid dream in a few days. Really depends.

The techniques are designed to be “pattern interruptions,” and I haven’t seen any of this taught online or in other lucid dreaming tools, books, or courses.

I regularly get emails from people telling how they weren’t sure about this before getting it, because they’ve tried so many other things but when they gave it a shot, it worked for them. This training program is very effective at getting “inside” your mind and making change, even when nothing else is working.

Most of the lucid dream books I’ve read have long stories or backstory piled up, and then explain some basic techniques. This will go straight to what exactly to practice, when to practice it, and how to do it.

never. There are no side effects or dangers. In fact, you’ll improve the quality of your sleep if you do it right, and you’ll wake up feeling more energized, motivated, and refreshed. The only danger may be that you will want to sleep a lot, to have more lucid dreams!

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You’ll also get free email lessons, stories, tutorials, content, and much more. Learn about the benefits and more than 100 experiences you can have with lucid dreaming!

I’ll even send you a free “mysterious gift”…

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