6 Important Causes of Car Accidents

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Examining the causes of an accident is a vital step in finding out who is responsible for the incident. Unfortunately, the majority of accidents can be avoided most car accidents that occur in U.S. result from driver mistakes. 

There are other causes that can lead to accidents, however, and could influence the procedure of proving responsibility. Most accidents are caused by several causes which means that a variety of people and organizations could play a part in the matter. 

An exhaustive investigation will assist you in determining who to pursue and evaluate any personal liability, good car accident lawyers.

Drunk Driving

There are mistakes that people make that can be costly, and some mistakes can cause catastrophic injury or even death for victims. In the past, the most talked about type of driver’s mistake is impaired driving and is responsible for the most fatal accidents across the U.S. than any other reason.

 If you drink alcohol before getting driving is likely to experience a decrease in alertness and reaction time and also impaired cognition and vision. Driving under the influence of alcohol has been less well-publicized, yet can have similar consequences. 

It is crucial to be aware of this, even if a driver was not found guilty of DUI after a crash, you may still be legally liable for injuries. Civil cases are based on a lower standard of proof and have different elements than criminal cases.

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Distracted Driving

Recent studies have found the fact that drivers who are distracted could have surpassed drinking and driving to become the main driver of accidents in general. 

The most common method of driving distracted is cellphone use while when driving, however it’s not the only reason to be distracted. Drivers may also get distracted by using GPS and radio drinking or eating while driving, snoozing on the side of the road or arguing with other drivers as well as other reasons. 

Being distracted by other activities while driving can have an impact similar to drunk driving, which can reduce the speed of reaction and concentration. 

There are dangers that can appear in a flash on the road, and even the a few seconds you spend checking your phone or grab a bite of a sandwich could be the difference between an escape or a speedy collision.

Other Types of Driver Errors

A more common, but potentially dangerous act when driving is speeding. People often speed up with confidence in their abilities to control the car. 

This is especially true for younger drivers who are not as experienced and are therefore more likely to cause crashes. 

Drivers may not be able to adapt their speed to adverse road conditions or weather conditions that may mean driving at a lower speed than the speed limit posted.

Additionally, drivers must allow enough space from the vehicle ahead of them in order to avoid an rear-end crash which is a typical kind of car crash. 

A few people fall victim to road rage while behind the wheel, or engage in reckless driving such as tailgating. This can lead to unavoidable high-speed collisions.Micro Sleeps

Based on the NHTSA that even a driver that falls asleep for only one second when driving at 55 mph can go more than 100 miles.

Many people make the error of taking the wheel when they’re exhausted and unable to drive. 

Fatigue is one of the main factors in accidents that involve trucks and other commercial vehicles that adhere to strict deadlines. Normal drivers of passenger vehicles are susceptible to this error as also, but they are underestimating their ability to stay alert and focus. 

The fatigue of drivers could make it difficult to detect potential hazards quickly and traffic-control devices.

Auto Defects

If a vehicle has an issue or defect in a component which could cause an malfunction that leads to an accident. In this scenario the manufacturer as well as other parties involved who are in the distribution chain of the vehicle, or the component could be held accountable. 

The victim can file an product liability lawsuit against them, that has elements different from a typical car accident situation.

Road Hazards

A road that is not maintained properly can lead to a collision. Anyone who is injured due to an road-related hazard may be tempted to sue the person accountable for the construction or maintenance as well as the person who owns the road. 

This type of case could result in shortened deadlines and complicated legal procedures. Similar to claims for auto defects these cases will probably require the help by an attorney.

Poor Weather

Conditions of poor weather could coincide with other safety concerns for example, speeding which could lead to an accident.

A crash that involves snow, ice, severe fog, rain or any other weather conditions might seem to be inevitable in the sense that no one is responsible.

 But this is not always the case. If a driver fails to slow down their speed during bad weather for example the driver could be found negligent and responsible for a resultant accident. 

Maybe a vehicle safety element failed to perform correctly in response to a weather-related hazard or other danger, and the manufacturer may be accused of negligence. Don’t assume no one was responsible until the accident is carefully studied.

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