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Faiz Jamil (host)


From CNN. I’m Faiz Jamil with the five things you need to know for Monday, June 20th.

Faiz Jamil (host)


Could President Joe Biden’s build back better bill be making a comeback? You might remember the $1.9 trillion spending plan that failed to get the support of Democrats Joe Manchin and Kirsten Cinema last year. Now it’s thought the bill could be broken into parts and passed as part of an inflation fighting plan. CNN’s John Harwood has more.

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I think there is some belief within the White House and on Capitol Hill that a package that includes some of the prescription drug reforms that they’ve been talking about, some tax incentives to try to accelerate the shift toward renewable energy sources and some revenue raising , more revenue raising than they would spend in the package. And because of that, it would reduce the deficit and in theory, help with inflation.

Faiz Jamil (host)


A 15 year old boy was killed and three other people were wounded, including a police officer after a shooting in Washington, DC on Sunday. It happened during a Juneteenth concert being held without a permit. Police say two earlier incidents caused panic and trampling at the concert, leading to officers arriving on scene some time later. Gunfire broke out close to the concert site where the teen was killed and others were wounded.

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We recovered several firearms and decided to include a firearm off of one of the persons who were shot in this incident.

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Police say the weapon used to shoot the officer has not yet been found and no officer fired their gun during the incident.

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Millions of people have been hit by flooding in Bangladesh and northeastern India with dozens reported dead. And the situation could get worse with heavy rain in the forecast in the next 24 hours. CNN’s Vedike Sud has more from New Delhi.

Vedika Sud (reporter hit)


Highways look more like rivers. Authorities say millions of people in Bangladesh and northeastern India have been affected by some of the worst flooding in the region in nearly two decades. An official in Bangladesh’s Ministry of Disaster Management says homes in two of the worst affected areas are 80 to 90% underwater.

Faiz Jamil (host)


As of today, transgender swimmers won’t be allowed to compete in elite women’s aquatic competitions. FINA, which is the governing body for swimming, approved the new gender inclusion policy on Sunday with support of more than 70% of its member federations. The new gender inclusion policy says that male to female transgender athletes will only be eligible to compete in the women’s category and finish competitions if they transitioned before the age of 12 or before they reach stage two on the puberty Tanner scale. Athlete Ally, a group supporting LGBTQ athletes, calls the new policy discriminatory, deeply harmful and unscientific. FINA also said it will work to develop an open category for athletes that don’t meet the governing body’s eligibility criteria for men’s or women’s categories.

Faiz Jamil (host)


Coming up, Colombia heads in a new direction. Gustavo Petro will become Colombia’s first leftist leader after winning that country’s presidential race on Sunday. The former guerrilla won by a slim margin with over 50% of the vote. His running mate, Francia Marquez, will become the first Afro-Colombian to hold executive powers. During a victory speech, Petro called for a great national agreement to end violence in the country. That’s it for now. And CNN five things is also available in Spanish. Listen to CNN cinco cosas for the five stories you need to hear from our colleagues at CNN en Espanol. Our next episode drops at noon Eastern.