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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that motor vehicle accidents and deaths were on the rise in 2012. There were 33,000 deaths in crashes in 2012, which was which was an increase over the year prior, According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that motor vehicle accidents and deaths were on the rise, car accident lawyer in orange county.

Car crashes tend to be the most frequent kinds of crashes that cause injuries. A majority of collisions involve two vehicles, however many deaths involve pedestrians and motorcyclists. In fatal accidents that are caused by an individual not related to the deceased family members of the deceased could bring an action for wrongful death.

If you’re able communicate and move around following an accident in your car and you are able to communicate, you must share contact information as well as insurance information in the case of the motorist who was at fault. 

Even though you might be tempted by the idea of arguing about who is at fault but it’s not advisable to discuss the issue or admit that you were the one to blame. Refutations of blame given by the person who was at fault or to his insurance company will make it harder for you to prove your case. In many instances there is no way to determine who’s fault the car crashed was, particularly when there are multiple vehicles involved.

Car accidents could be caused by:

  • Distracted Driving
  • Drunk and impaired driving
  • Hit and Run Accidents
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
  • Head-On Collisions
  • Inability to Yield causes accidents
  • Side Impact Accidents
  • Rollover Accidents
  • Mechanical Problems
  • Defective Car Parts
  • Car Accidents involving aggressive driving
  • Chain Reaction/Multi-Vehicle Accidents
  • Car accidents involving teens
  • Car Accidents involving elderly people

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Recovering Damages from Car Accidents that were caused by multiple defendants

Sometimes, the inattention of multiple people or organizations can result in an accident. For instance, suppose the road is undergoing work that alters the road’s surface. The construction company and city do not provide the proper warnings. The driver who is drunk loses the control of their vehicle as the road changes and then swerves into a fatigued driver, who is fatigued and reduces his ability to react to the car that is swerving toward him. Additionally the brakes in his vehicle are not working properly, and it hits the plaintiff.

Typically, a seasoned attorney for plaintiffs will examine all possible causes of the accident and call any potentially responsible parties. This provides the plaintiff with the best chance of compensation for his or her damage. In the case above might be able bring a lawsuit against the construction company or the city, as well as the driver who was drunk, the fatigued driver, as well as the brake maker.

A person who files suit after a vehicle collision has only one chance to seek compensation for injuries. If a plaintiff sues just one party , even though there are multiple parties responsible the plaintiff has missed the chance to file lawsuit against all the accountable party.

In the case above the jury will distribute blame to all parties that are found to be accountable. Most of the time the defendants can argue that the plaintiff was partially blamed. In these instances, juries will also consider the responsibility of the plaintiff. If the verdict is $100,000 that the municipality is deemed to be 10% responsible the construction firm is responsible for 20% of the blame and that drunk motorist is at 40% fault, the driver who is fatigued is at fault for 20 and the manufacturer is 10 percent at fault while the defendant is percentage at fault, then the plaintiff is in a position to claim all the damages incurred by suing the parties.

A lot of states adhere to the doctrine of joint and multiple liability. The defendants of multiple parties are collectively accountable if their actions caused harm to the person. This law permits a plaintiff to collect the entire amount of a judgment against the party who is believed to be in the wrong, even though the defendant is less in the fault spectrum than other defendants. This party may then request assistance from other defendants who are who are found to be in fault.

If the above scenario is in a state that allows joint and multiple obligation, the claimant could take the full amount of $100k from the contractor. The construction company may try to collect contributions from other defendants at fault. But, if the drunk driver as well as the driver who is fatigued are not insured and the construction company is not insured, it is able to receive contribution from city officials as well as the manufacturer. The aim of joint and multiple liability is to take into account any possibility that some defendants have a judgment-proof status by shifting the risk to other parties responsible in the accident.

Certain states do not adhere to the principle of joint and multiple liability. They allow the plaintiff to claim from any defendant a percentage of damages for which the defendant is held accountable.

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