Abundance Visualization Training – Carl Andrew Bradbrook

Abundance Visualization Training – Carl Andrew Bradbrook


For anyone who is doing this for the first time, get ready to enjoy this adventure, I am still enjoying it after more than a week of nightly practice.

Carl thank you for all the time you put in creating this detailed training. You give great instructions.

I visualized my paycheck being several hundred dollars more that it usually is and within one week, I earned the money easily as I was asked to work some overtime during the weekend on some work that was not at all tedious, I can say the extra money came easily.

I plan on getting creative with my visualizing. I am also using this training for other desires as well.

I enjoy the relaxing meditation very much. It is a great way to end my evenings before going to bed. I look forward to it each day.

Your Abundance Visualization Training course is already working for me. Thank you very much! You are a great teacher!

Then I came upon Neville Goddard’s amazing stories and teachings. Which eventually lead me to your counting-money visualization video and I knew that you, out of all the people teaching the LOA and NG, understood it best and I wanted to learn from you.

Two days later, I bought your Abundance Visualization Training course and started listening to it this past Sunday. The very next day, I received a letter from our SS saying they can release 44K to me to use for buying the govt flat! This was totally unexpected as most such appeals get rejected. I thanked God, my Unconscious Self, my Higher Self and the Universe and expressed my deepest gratitude for this. A friend who works in govt housing advised me to keep on appealing until they allow me to use the full amount in my SS account.

I should also mention that I have asked relatives, friends, clients to pray for me, whatever their religion. I like to think of these prayers as being a form of manifestation or desire coming from one person and directed at or sent to another. This must also work, since we are all connected energetically.

Thank you once again. My blessings to you.

I loved every bit of it and I went through the whole program.

From the first listening, I felt something. As each day passed by, I found myself dreaming bigger and feeling confident I could achieve everyone of my goals.

As a matter of fact, the ebook I am working on now, was part of my visualizations.

I strongly recommend it to anyone who not only wants to attract more money, but whatever makes them feel fulfilled.

Thanks again for putting this program together.

I have to tell you the program has brought me hours of fun.

My abundance center is heavenly!

I feel great when I’m there, and believe me, I go there often to create the feelings and things I want to experience.

Just the other day, I was wanting to know what a rough diamond looked like…. Yeah!

A friend stopped by and GAVE me a rough diamond he had found years ago in California.

He said the quality isn’t that of pricey diamonds, but it is a beauty!

He was as surprised as I was. He said he was walking out the door and something told him to go back and get one of his diamonds for me.

It’s a wild story, but it’s true.

Who would give up a diamond for a friend?

Someone who imagined it, that’s who!

I imagined it and 3 days later I held a diamond in the rough in my little hand.

Shirley Bass Deming, New Mexico USA

My name is Carl Bradbrook and I am so happy that you found your way to the Abundance Visualization Training website.

I wanted you to read a couple of testimonials from customers first before looking at the training videos so that you know that what I am about to share with you is VERY REAL.

Truly, it’s no coincidence that you are here!

The very same power of attraction that brought you here now, is the power of attraction that you can harness, by using your wonderful imagination, to create highly energised positive ‘Imaginary Experiences”, and pull your objectives, goals and desires into your physical reality for you to experience in the NOW…

…even if you have never done this kind of EASY learning before.

Before you start to watch the first video I wanted to share with you that I am very much about “Teaching and Training”, so what you will find on this web page is probably going to be a little bit different to what you are used to.

My primary interest is in helping you learn how to use your wonderful imagination, so that you can co-create the kind of life that is truly worth living.

The world truly needs people to step up right now and evolve into the highest version of themselves and that is what I am here to help you do.

Before you start to watch the first video I wanted to share with you that I am very much about “Teaching and Training”, so what you will find on this web page is probably going to be a little bit different to what you are used to.

My primary interest is in helping you learn how to use your wonderful imagination, so that you can co-create the kind of life that is truly worth living.

The world truly needs people to step up right now and evolve into the highest version of themselves and that is what I am here to help you do.

So, my advice is to approach this webpage as a learning opportunity and I have laid out the steps of the training for you.

If you watch the 3 videos and read the webpage then you will probably invest around one hour of your life and it is my intention that you consider it a worthwhile and rewarding investment of your most valuable asset…time.

At that point my objective is that you invest in the Abundance Visualization Training Course, so that I have the opportunity to continue to teach and train with you.

It is my desire that you “Master Using Your Imagination”, realise your True Nature and co-create that life you were born to live.

Imagination is the most valuable skill that any person can have and one that all people should aspire to embody.

Einstein is noted as having said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

As you go through this web page you will find that this is a “Doing It Now – Imagination Training” with highly relevant knowledge to train your Unconscious Mind and satisfy the inquisitiveness of your Conscious Mind 🙂

Finally I would like to thank you in advance for being here and being you!

Namaste and blessings to you!

My name is Andy I am 44 years young I have a wife and 2 kids typical set up and life . the mortgage the bills the stress of every day life etc etc

Without going into a long winded explanation I tell you that the past 6 months my understanding of life and the universe has jumped to a ridiculously high level.

I have never been religious and have just muddled my way through life experiencing and responding the typical lack of thinking way we are programmed to.

However I stumbled upon a video about the illumanati and was horrified at what was going on and dipped into a level of deep emotional turmoil I then decided to delve deeper to face my fear and stumbled on a video by a man called David Wilcock who spoke about the source field and backed it up scientifically and my interest peaked like never before.

I went from there to various lectures by Bruce Lipton, Bob Proctor, Abraham Hicks and Gregg Braden then to Neville Goddard who sent tingles down my spine literally ………..

Now I find you and listen to the way you speak and explain the simple complexities of life and I find it like the missing jigsaw piece .. I feel that your course or material and your input is what I need and want to develop myself in so many ways.

I thank you for what I have heard so far it has been of great value.

This course is training for your Unconscious Mind which is why I call it “Unconscious Mind Training”. The use of deep states of relaxation (Alpha and Theta) allows for the new information to be easily and effortlessly input and programmed into your Unconscious Mind.

From then on you will be easily able to direct the use of this new programming “Consciously” and you will be able to “Direct Your Unconscious Mind” to achieve things for you whilst you carry on with your daily life. You will develop the ability to communicate effectively with your Unconscious Mind.

You can then use this language of the mind “Visualization/Imaginary Experiences” to let your Unconscious Mind know what it is that you desire to co-create and experience in your life.

This is an “ON-going” life skill that is transformative. Once you start to develop this new skill work regularly with it and seek to continuously improve it.

It is not hypnosis or subliminal. It requires your conscious participation which is why it works harmoniously. Conscious and Unconscious Harmony is what gets you what you desire to experience.

“Abundance Visualization Training” is a quick and easy guided imagination training that you can learn quickly and practice it and use for the rest of your life.

It teaches you to utilize the greatest power that you have within you, — which is your Wonderful Imagination–

In fact you will learn how to develop a harmonious relationship between your conscious and your Unconscious Mind so that you can direct it to bring you what you desire to experience in your life.

“Abundance Visualization Training” is a “Doing It Now” course and has been designed this way to help defeat procrastination, and get you moving fast.

What I would like to offer you in this course is both an “Understanding”, which is what the conscious mind seeks, and a “Doing” which is the only way that your Unconscious Mind can give you what you want.

This is not simply a guided Imagination/visualization course, it is a complete series of guided imagination and visualization trainings that are designed in a way that you learn to communicate effectively with your Unconscious Mind.

Please accept my gratitude, appreciation and respect for all you do.

Each course I have purchased from you has exceeded expectations.

Your boundless enthusiasm shines through.

Start with the 8 mind training audio’s plus read the manuals and also start reading/listening to the The Law and The Promise audio book from Neville Goddard.

The fact is that your Higher Self and your Unconscious Mind knows exactly how to make you successful in ANY and all areas of your life. (Your Unconscious Mind also knows how to make you unsuccessful 🙂

Your Unconscious Mind is infinitely intelligent and loves you unconditionally, but over the years it has been confused as to what it is that you actually want from life.

So on a day to day basis your Unconscious Mind does what it thinks you want it to do and it does this relentlessly.

But it doesn’t always seem to >>>give you what you actually want<<< …does it?

For as long as you live…

….you can and do, EVERYDAY, stake your life on the fact, that you think your Unconscious Mind is going to give you EXACTLY what you want!

You get up in the morning and proceed through the day to get what you want and have the experiences you desire…not experience an endless procession of what you don’t want…

Whilst your Unconscious Mind is performing it’s duty RELENTLESSLY …your conscious mind…

Why is it that no matter how hard you try….

…you cant you seem to get…

Even though…YOU know what you want (perhaps you do…If you have your Higher Self guidance)

…there is a bigger part of you that doesn’t quite understand…

It’s the 95% of your mind that most people don’t know how to use… It’s your loving servant…your Unconscious Mind!

Therefore, to experience what it is that you TRULY in your HEART want from life…

…you need to input some new instructions so that your Unconscious Mind can RELENTLESSLY follow your new instructions and you can experience the happiness and joy of living that you are really seeking.

Which is, of course, creating specific and positive visualizations and imaginary experiences to input new directions in a way that is right for you….

…..AND receiving feedback and directions which –you can then follow enjoyably to the outcome of your dreams!

You may think this sounds simple…and it is!

Thanks for making this course available I have indeed purchased it and will be starting the process right away I will endeavor to do it justice I am determined to utilize all the knowledge I gain and make a better life for me and my family and hopefully spread my own success to others who have the capacity to have an open mind to possibilities.

I will admit I jumped straight into your abundance booster audio file ( sorry) however I have to say the reason I did was I have been listening to a lot of Abundance type audio material ( mostly brain sync type) so I wanted to just evaluate it briefly, As I will often drift off in bed listening to the likes of Esther Hicks , or Neville Goddard or as I said Brain Sync – material by Kelly Howell.

Your audio file – abundance booster is the most powerful I have listened to for getting a connection to a higher consciousness as when I listened to it I had no idea “how” connected I was until you said ” I would ask that your higher consciousness give you a sign ” I had an immediate effect like a rush when right through my body the only way I could describe it is if your in a memory that invokes a feeling of love from the stomach out well I felt it like a huge rush of that magnified , actually brought tears to my eyes, pure joy though.

Sorry for going on again I tend to expand in my thoughts especially when I am writing anything. which is where my real talent lies, I suspect, ha ha, kept getting ideas jumping into my head about writing a book …..

Thanks again all the best to you and your family and friends.

Learning to co-create using your Wonderful Imagination, visualizing and creating mind pictures is like learning to ride a bicycle…

The first step is riding the bicycle, with training wheels, and the parent holding the saddle.Then the child learns to ride the bicycle with training wheels on it’s own.

Then after the child has gained confidence the training wheels are removed and the parent runs along side holding the saddle just in case…

After some practice…maybe a few hours or days…the training wheels are off and the parents have let go and the child is riding the bicycle freely on it’s own with the parents nearby for assurance.

Graduation is when the child simply jumps on it’s bicycle and goes wherever it desires, master of it’s own journey.

There is a huge amount of information provided in the Training Members Area for you and here is a very brief overview.

NOTE: Please Also Visit the Abundance Visualization Full Training Overview Page. You will find a link in menu at the top of this page or you can click this link to open the Full Training Overview Page in a new window

The mind training audios and information contained within the course is designed to provide knowledge, information, learning’s and ideas for your Conscious and Unconscious Minds to work with.

Each day there is a coaching audio to play before the guided (closed eye session).

This provides additional knowledge, information, learning’s and ideas for your Conscious and Unconscious Minds to work with. It’s a pep-talk before you go into action with the guided audios.

Additional coaching is also given throughout the members area.

The following audios are the part of the course where you get to take action and work harmoniously with your Unconscious Mind and True Self/higher Self.

The bonuses are covered in more detail in the next section and include:

REMEMBER: Please Also Visit the Abundance Visualization Full Training Overview Page. You will find a link in menu at the top of this page or you can click this link to open the Full Training Overview Page in a new window

“Well, here the story…

I am running an online business which was going quite well.

Carl gave me his audio, but…. I listen to it just because he is a friend and Goshhhhhhh.

200% work came to my business in 2 DAYS.

This stuff is POWERFUL, period…

So much work that I stop advertizing as I can’t do it all now, overloaded.

Note that I am a very skeptical person and I do not believe in this kind of stuff,

The 15 mins I spent listening to his audio is the best time well spent for me in a long time. I decide to listen to it everyday as part of my routine.

A bonus should be very relevant to the training that you are purchasing and should enhance and add to your experience and mastery of the training.

With that thought in mind I have added the following highly relevant bonuses.

This is the audio that Andy mentioned in his testimonial.

Once you have started to work your way through the course you can use the Abundance Booster audio. It’s a nice little refresher where you can hop right in and start flowing some money and experiences to you and through you.

I would suggest that you do this audio multiple times as part of your Unconscious Mind Training.

This is an interview that I did with Carl Harvey back in 2011 and has some excellent visualization and manifesting tips from both of our experiences. There is one particular theme that runs through the interview that I’d like for you to notice. See if you can spot it and leave a comment in the members area.

The interview covers both this Abundance Visualization Training, which at that time was the earlier Version 2 and called Unique Idea Generator and also the Subliminal Image and Affirmation software that I created and personally use daily called Visualization Turbo.

This is a method of generating money that I find consistently works for me:

One way/method that has worked for many many people to generate money (I’ve received loads of thank you emails and comments) is the simple free video that I put on YouTube a few years ago. I have put this in the Resources area for you to watch. This method can be used in deeper states of consciousness with the Universal Marketing/Manifesting audio.

Please note that I said this is “One Way” to create an Imaginary Experience of receiving cash. My suggestions is for you to do this to have this experience and also to work with your Unconscious Mind to come up with the way that is right for you.

You will most likely discover many ways as your Unconscious Mind is AMAZING, LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY and wants you to succeed!

When you manifest cash using this method please leave a comment on the YouTube page and on the Counting Cash page.

Neville Goddard is one of the great metaphysical teachers of the 20th century and has a most profound impact on students, simply because what he teaches is easy to follow and works with the precision of a Swiss clock.

If you are already a fan of Neville Goddard then you will be very familiar with the idea that “Imagining Creates Reality”. If you are not familiar with Neville, then you are in for an absolute treat!

The Law and The Promise is one of his easiest to understand books and It gives a large selection of real-life examples of people who used the creative power of their imagination to create extraordinary success in their lives.

Study of Neville’s materials and the methods of imagining that people used is extremely good information for your Conscious and Unconscious Minds to work with

There is only one moment that you can ever “Take Action” and that is in the NOW.

This is where the power is. Right here and right now.

The eternal now is where you are going to find your breakthroughs and when you get this simple distinction, then that is the moment that your life begins to trance-end to new levels of Joy and Happiness.

The Abundance Visualization Training course is so very simple and most often in life it is the simple things that have the biggest effect.

Give the course a go… you are covered by my 100% no questions asked guarantee.

The truth is, once you go through the course and really integrate the learning’s and actions you’ll be amazed at the results you are getting and I very much doubt you’ll want to part with it.

I’ll leave you to make your choice and if you have any questions please email me using the form in the menu at the top of the page.

Wishing you all the SUCCESS you can IMAGINE!

Abundance Visualization Training

P.S. Remember, this training contains –real actionable techniques and EASY TO USE processes– which will move you inwardly towards co-creating magnificent and fun manifestations in your life.

Abundance Visualization Training has worked for other people just like you, it’s 100% guaranteed so you can’t possibly lose money. Even a stuck in the mud “Realist” could make this work for them!

Copyright © 2014 – 2020 AbundanceVisualizationTraining by Carl Bradbrook

Copyright © 2014 – 2020 AbundanceVisualizationTrainingby Carl Bradbrook

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