Almighty Four

Almighty Four


Don’t be fooled by the name, yes it does come off a bit cheesy sounding but believe me this service is FAR from it!

Without a shadow of doubt this is one of the best BIG payout services out there…well it is for us and our clients ….The bookmakers can’t stand it!

We are thrilled to present to you this unique offering that allows everyone to get involved – and in the process experience the thrills and spills the sport of kings has to offer

So, let’s cut to the chase – what is ‘ALMIGHTY 4”,how does it work and why should you become involved?

The idea behind this many years ago was to create a secondary income for myself, which I managed to achieve which eventually turned into a small service which would allow in every type of punter (in very limited numbers)……….. be it Big or Small!

The concept is simple, but it’s distinctive in that it provides a steady stream of winners while also giving you the opportunity of bagging an INSANE lottery-style pay out each week!

So what exactly I’m a talking about here??

We’ve mastered one very overlooked but extremely profitable area of racing.

For those that don’t know what a LUCKY 15 it’s basically a 4-selection wager consisting of 15 bets:

By adopting a logical approach to winning BIG we can keep the returns rolling in whilst we wait, and when it does happen i.e all 4 come in…well it’s cause for celebration! Book a holiday, spoil the kids, give your boss the middle finger, or go treat yourself that luxury item you’ve had your eye on for the longest but never can justify the price.

Whatever you do is up to you and in the meantime we’ll continue to do our best to top up your winnings until the next bonanza.

Have a look what some of the current members feel about the service and what they’re doing with all this spare cash.

“What an absolute dream this has been so far!! Today is Second time in a month we’ve been 1 bet shy of all 4! The returns I’m seeing just from the 3 are good enough for me to be honest so keep working your magic.”

“HOLY SH*T! we won, we actually won! Absolutely incredible tipping, I’m literally shaking with excitement typing this email. I now have close to 3 grand sat in my betfair account from £1 bets. No idea what I’m going to spend it on yet but I’m withdrawing it right now before betfair catch wind of this. Speaking of betfair should I use this account again for next weeks bets?? How often does this happen?? Well done and Thanks again.”

“I Wont bore you to death with the details but lets just say I was in a bit of a pickle financially until I joined forces with you.

Now I’m in complete amazement every time I open my betting account, it’s like the numbers aren’t real, that’s why I’m constantly withdrawing the cash lol.

Again thank you so much for allowing me access to this amazing service! We reside in the same neck of the woods so you absolutely have to let me pick your brains over drinks (on me of course) when you get a chance. Just let me know where your local watering hole is.”

“No need for me to write too much as the attached pic speaks for itself! Arrived this morning, paid for courtesy of the Almighty 4, absolute beaut isn’t she. Still cant believe it’s actually mine haha. You’ve made a distant dream an actual reality and for that you’re an outright legend in my eyes pal no matter what happens from here on out. That’s all I have to say….now if you’ll excuse me I have some driving to do. :-)“

To say I’m impressed would be an understatement. Its funny how things work out, I’ve been playing the lotto religiously for the last 10 years and can count on one hand the number of times I’ve won a tenner. 40 days after being here and I worked it out that I’ve made all that money back I’ve wasted (around £5,000) and then some.

Honestly cant thank you enough, looks like my days of picking numbers is finally coming to an end.”

“Steve you can put the following on your page just keep the numbers limited as promised

You asked us what we’ve purchased so far with the winnings,

Well…yesterday I walked out of Beaverbooks jewellers having spent the most on a single item in my entire life, an Omega speedmaster professional a.k.a the “moon watch.” I planned on adding this particular timepiece to my collection as a retirement gift to myself but I was feeling flush after last week and decided to throw caution to the wind for once. I’ve now set my sights on something much bigger and hope to be able to aquire it with help from this service.

God Bless you Steve, and whoever you’re working with.”

“Absolutely Loving this service so far as I’ve expressed on many occasion Keep up the great work!.”

“All round great team with a selection process like no other, the winning blows me away every time! I wont win any cool points but I’m doing the sensible thing and saving the majority of my returns,

Well worth the investment and long may it continue.”

“Jesus Christ! I wiped the floor with till this week! Can’t see them or any other bookmaker being too happy about this mate.”

We play the almighty 4 every Monday through to Saturday – which for us is where we do the most winning. No race is off limits. (Flat, NH, Irish, All Weather, Festivals)

The four bets are carefully selected by group of experienced and connected gamblers including myself. They’re then sent out to you via email each morning well in advance of the days racing. Our advice is to act on the information as soon as you receive it to lock in those early prices.

As the name suggests we’re obviously chasing the Lucky15 jackpot each day but the secondary objective is to make long term profit from the singles/doubles that make up part of the lucky 15 – That’s what keeps us going.

That being said please don’t expect jackpot style wins daily, it’s not what’s on offer here. If you’re prepared to be a little patient I promise you the rewards will be nothing short of spectacular when all 4 dots connect.

I’m pretty confident we’ve created one of the best big payout tipping services on the market right now and I’m not willing to give this away for free or let in just any tom dick and harry.

There’s a few barriers to entry which I’ll explain.

– Entry is limited to 50 members this time round no more no less.

– Entry Price starts at £27 and is based on a 12 week trial basis, I want you to test the service even paper trade if you have to, and at the end of the trial if you’re satisfied I’ll give you the option to join us on a more permanent basis.

– You’ll need a working betting account that’s accepts bets on uk and Irish horse racing to get started, and you’ll need to be willing to create a new betting account if needed as its not uncommon for bookies to limit accounts after these payouts.

– Patience, its very tempting to chuck everything but the kitchen sink at these bets but restraint is needed especially in the initial stages. You need to be willing to start small. The aim for all members aside from spending the bookies money is to use part of it to fund your bets.

Are you ready to wield the almighty 4?

Are you ready to back winners, make steady profits and land that regular knockout blow to your bookie??

If your answer is yes secure 1 of 50 spots available now before the next wave begins.

Enter your email address below.

A. 2 reasons, Sharing this in very small numbers doesn’t effect the money I make using it in addition to that This information is extremely valuable and I can make some additional income selling it to people who are serious about using it.

A. Yes of course, If you have a betting account that allows you to bet on UK/Irish horse racing then you’ll be fine. For those living outside of Europe, you might want to consider using a VPN which will enable you to change your IP address to a UK one giving you access to set up a UK betting account. .

A. I recommend a bank of at least 50 points or more to begin with. A little gets you a long way with this service so don’t be afraid to start small.

A. There are many methods we can use to stay to keep the bookies of our backs when hit those big wins. Using round numbers on your stakes, withdrawing no more than once a month and having more than 1 bookmaker to rotate with are just a few of the methods we employ, I’ll be explaining this in much more detail in the members area when you join.

Write to me at if you have any questions

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