Best Dallas Cowboys trade targets

Dallas Cowboys buy into 2021 trade deadline. Picture from inside the star.

As the 2021 NFL season enters its seventh week, Dallas Cowboys supporters remain optimistic. And they have a lot of reasons for that. NFL teams still have a chance to improve their squad before the November 2 trading deadline. There will be plenty of Cowboys trade rumors in 2021 in the next couple of weeks.

the question is; What will Jerry Jones do with this last chance, and who are some of his best business goals for the Cowboys?

The Cowboys are ideally placed to become Super Bowl contenders this season. This is one of the main reasons you will focus on making some crucial changes to your starting lineup before the trading season ends. Even with their strong defense and explosive attack, this side of Dallas could use some edge improvements among other changes.

Cowboy trade rumors 2021

After Dak Prescott is injured, Dallas has a quarterback problem to worry about. The good news is, after restructuring Ezekiel Elliott’s contract earlier in the season, the Cowboys raised more money in the cover space. However, following the NFL’s salary cap restrictions, most teams may end up with limited moves this season.

Anyway, let’s take a look at some potential Cowboys trade targets for this season, which include:

The 2021 NFL season saw the Dallas Cowboys make a huge splash in the NFL trade rumor pool. Nothing has matured yet as we approach the November 2 trading deadline. Continue reading below for more detailed news on the Dallas Cowboys trade deadline.

Marcus May

If the Cowboys are planning to put in a high performance this season, they will have to consider hiring a defensive player to take up the playing position alongside Trevon Diggs. Currently, Marcus Maye is still one of the top security sites in the NFL. Fortunately for the Cowboys, May can be on the move this season. Sources say May has links to trade talks with the Dallas camp.

Cowboys Vice President Stephen Jones Tweet embed On whether anything is in the works as the trade deadline approaches: “Not at this point with anything up front. It’s always good to have a chance…but at the same time, we have great confidence in this list.”

Along with Diggs, who is the league’s current interception leader, Jerry Jones can take the gamble with Marcus May. Jets are willing to let him go because of his DUI in South Florida, but May insists on staying.

Grady Jarrett

Since joining the Atlanta Falcons in 2015, Grady Jarrett continues to be one of the Falcons’ most accomplished defensive players. Despite his record with the Atlanta team, his future remains in doubt. Jarrett is currently on Jerry Jones’ radar as he focuses on strengthening the Cowboys’ defense.

Since Jarrett’s contract expired in 2023, he’s been a hot commercial candidate this season. His chances of moving forward may be boosted by the fact that the Hawks may consider focusing on building a team for the future.

Clean Ferrell

In 2019, Clelin Ferrell was the Number 4 pick for the Raiders in the NFL Draft. With his potential, he would be an ideal commercial target for the Dallas Cowboys, who are looking to fill a gap in their defense. In return, he would land the raiders’ options to add to their defensive rotation.

As much as he is a great defensive player in numbers in the NFL, his split from the Raiders could become inevitable this year. However, the previous fourth draft pick didn’t live up to his potential in 2020. And he became the second-most pressured team, standing at just 21. This is why it is a potential commercial candidate.


Overall, the Cowboys performed better than anyone expected, scoring 5-1 as we entered farewell week. Diggs has been great while Kelvin Joseph has proven to be strengthening the Cowboys sub. But this does not close the door to improvement.

To perfect their defense, which appears to be Jerry Jones’ main focus, they will have to make a move before November 2. The players discussed above remain among the top cowboy trading targets this year.

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