Bold predictions for the 2021 NFL trade deadline

Odell Beckham Jr may be on the move on the trade deadline. Image from

IT’S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR: The 2021 NFL trading deadline predictions flood the web as the November 2 trading deadline approaches.

As it usually happens, the NFL season has been full of surprises. Teams that were supposed to compete struggle, while teams that weren’t supposed to be good at all played spoilers. That’s just the beauty of this great league.

2021 NFL Trade Deadline Predictions

But as the trade deadline zooms in, the NFL’s trade forecast is showing left, right and center.

And as it happens year after year, no player seems to be safe from packing their bags and moving on. So, who will take the next big step? Let’s break it down.

3. Deshaun Watson’s Dolphin Trading

Most NFL trade forecasters have talked about Deshaun Watson during the holiday season. However, his legal situation has forced several teams to withdraw breaks in any movement for him, as his presence is still up in the air and he is unlikely to play at all this season.

But, judging by the way Tua Tagovailoa performed and how little confidence the Miami Dolphins seem to have going forward, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Dolphins risk everything to trade for Deshaun Watson even if he’s not yet qualified to play.

Tagovailoa is young and has a lot of upside so the Houston Texans would be very happy to get him in return, and the Dolphins have more than enough capital to smooth the deal and beat other teams in need of the quarterback.

2. Chiefs renew their defense with Marcus May

Most NFL trade forecasts in 2021 make the Kansas City Chiefs try to improve their defense, and for very good reason. They’ve been the worst defensive unit in the league this season and they keep getting hit week after week, and that’s not going to end it.

The chiefs risk not making the playoffs the way they have done so far. Patrick Mahomes is trying a lot to try to keep his team in the game, mostly because his defense doesn’t seem to be off. That could also change by trading for Marcus Maye.

Joe Douglas needs as many assets as possible, which means giving Marcus Maye the same treatment he gave Jamal Adams. Chiefs don’t have high draft picks but they may be desperate enough to put together a solid package for talented safety.

1. The beams all go in Odell Beckham Jr

This could be Aaron Rodgers’ last season at Lambeau Field, and Jordan Love isn’t anywhere ready to take charge. That means he is now or not a fit for the Green Bay Packers, so they need to give Rodgers more guns to convince him to stay or make the most of his senior year.

Odell Beckham Jr was not on the same page with Baker Mayfield. More than that, Kevin Stefansky doesn’t seem to trust him anymore as he refuses to make him more involved in crime. But injuries aside, OBJ is one of the most talented and athletic players in the league.

The Packers have dominated their rivals since they were awkward in the first week and that’s with the Subpar Receiving Corps alongside Davante Adams.

They’re a legitimate Super Bowl contender but need another broad threat to be even better. Odell Beckham Jr’s trading value may be at an all-time low at the moment, and we expect him to headline trade deadline news. Hopefully the Packers will trust him and associate him with one of the greatest midfielders in league history.

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