Bold predictions for the 2021 World Series featuring Morton & Freeman

Charlie Morton faces his former team in the 2021 World Championships. Image from Sportsbook Review.

The predictions for the World Championship in 2021 may be a little tough for fans to achieve this season. On the other hand, the Astros have been one of the best teams in baseball all year. They are also looking to put the signal-stealing scandal behind them and win their second championship in five years. Meanwhile, the Braves have been as good as any team since the trade deadline. They also overthrew the reigning champion Dodgers.

With the World Championship schedule set, both teams should start the series on Tuesday night with great confidence. The World Championship preview for either team will also reveal the strengths of both teams and the reasons why either team managed to win it all.

2021 World Championship Predictions

Perhaps the only thing we know for sure is that the 2021 World Championships will be fun to watch. Both teams definitely have their own pace players to continue the streak of high-score games we’ve seen during the LCS in both leagues. For whatever reason, we’re in the mood to make a bold prediction from the Fall 2021 World Championship Classic.

Eddie Rosario stays hot

Eddie Rosario has turned into one of the biggest stars of the post-season, playing a huge role in Atlanta’s victory over the Dodgers in the NLCS.

He only made 14 home runs with an OPS of .740 during the regular season. But during the postseason, Rosario was hitting .474 with three home runs and 11 RBI, which helps give him an OPS of 1.313.

He’s a candidate to suddenly cool off after a few days of rest, but look for him to take on the Astros where he left off in the NLCS.

Someone hits three runs at home in a game

This would be a part of baseball history if that ever happened. Only four players have made three home runs in a World Championship match with Babe Ruth doing it twice.

But there are so many power-hitters in both squads that it wouldn’t be surprising to see that happen again.

What the player will do is another matter. However, both stadiums are able to give away a lot of running at home and this seems like a streak that will see a lot of running, so someone has the opportunity to dive three times in one game.

Freddy Freeman hits Homer

Freeman has been such a star for the Braves for so long that it seems inevitable that he’ll do something as amazing as hitting a home run in a World Series match.

He’s already made three home runs in the playoffs and will have three chances in Games 3, 4 and 5 for a home win that gives the Braves a win.

Charlie Morton beats his old team twice

Morton was with the Astros when they won the 2017 World Championships, winning two games during that post-season. He now has a chance to make his former team pay the price for letting him go.

While he has yet to win this post-season, Morton is 7-4 in 16 playoffs during his career. In addition, he should know how to handle Houston’s strong lineup and help give the Braves two wins in the series.

Astros win 7 matches

While Freddy Freeman and Charlie Morton will have their moments, this series will eventually belong to the Astros.

Houston’s lineup would eventually prove to be too much for the show’s staff in Atlanta. Unlike what happened two years ago when the Astros lost all of their four home matches in the World Championships to the national team, they will benefit from having Game 7 at home and win a convincing streak on their court.

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