Most 2 Common injuries in car accidents

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Nearly any kind of injury could occur in the event of a car crash as injuries could vary from minor to severe as well as fatal. They are classified as impacts or penetrating, car accident lawyer jacksonville.

Injuries resulting from impact occur due to the body of the victim hitting a portion of the vehicle, whereas penetrating injuries are caused by the object getting into the body of the victim.

Certain injuries will heal by themselves or following an appropriate course of treatment, but some may require expensive medical procedures or last for the remainder of the victim’s life. This could significantly impact what compensation the victim requires.

The kind of collision and the mechanics of it could influence the severity of the injury. For instance the speed that the accident occurred as well as the direction the victim was facing as well as the angle of the collision could have a significant impact on. 

Certain other aspects can assist in minimizing injuries, including the wearing of a seatbelt or the presence of airbags in operation. The failure of a person to take proper safety precautions when driving the vehicle could result in a reduction in amount of damages under the law of negligence in a comparative manner.

Head Injury

A high-speed crash can cause the head of the victim to collide with the steering wheel windshield, or the side window. They could suffer not only bruises and cuts to the face , but as well internal injuries of the brain. 

A sudden, violent jolt to the head could cause an injury to the head, such as concussions, and more permanent types of brain injury.Psychological Injury

Some people may also suffer from PTSD as well as other mental health issuescaused by automobile collisions. The proof of these kinds of ailments usually requires the assistance of experts as witnesses.

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Chest Injuries

Car accidents could cause damage to internal organs of the front-seat driver or passenger if their chest is struck by the wheel of their car, dashboard, or another space in the automobile. 

Broken ribs could result from this collision too. Additionally, passengers or drivers could be forcefully pushed against their seatbelts or shoulder harnesses which could cause serious contusions.

Injury to the Limbs

The passengers and drivers have an enviable amount of legroom inside the car, and the impact of a sudden collision could throw an arm against the dashboard, seats in the front, or even the door. In the event of a serious accident it can lead to broken joints and fractured legs. 

The victim’s shoulder and arm could also be thrown at the door, with similar outcomes. Extreme cases, which are thankfully rare, can result in removal of an leg.

Whiplash and other Soft Tissue Injuries

The proof

Whiplash as well as various tissues are more difficult to prove than obvious injuries, such as broken bones in an arm.

Whiplash is among the most frequent injuries sustained in automobile accidents. It has been so frequently mentioned in insurance claims that many insurers consider it to be suspicious.

This is due to the intense stretching of ligaments and muscles in the neck of the victim and in their the upper back. Whiplash is one of the many examples of the soft tissues injuries which can affect ligaments, muscles and the tendons. The other soft tissues injuries from collisions with cars can affect the muscles of the mid and lower back.


A number of the cuts that occur during a car crash heal quickly and without any major medical attention. They can happen when the vehicle’s objects are knocked off through the power of impact and then strike the person in the face, or when an airbag is deployed. 

More serious cases may require stitches, which could result in more pain and suffering and more significant medical expenses.

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Injury to a passenger in car Accidents

People who are injured in a car crash may be able to pursue a variety of avenues for compensation. They could be able seek third-party insurance claims against their liability coverage of the driver at fault as well as drivers of the vehicle that they were in. 

(There are exceptions for passengers who are injured who are household or family relatives of the motorist as they are likely to be covered under the insurance policy of the driver.) Additionally, they may be able to seek demands against insurance company of an owner vehicles in the incident.

Certain issues could arise when you are involved in Uber as well as Lyft accidents.

Multiple Claims


A person injured in an accident could file claims against multiple drivers and let insurers to decide who is the one to blame.

You can make claims against multiple insurance policies, as long as more than one individual or entity is at fault. This could be beneficial when the insurance policy you have chosen does not offer enough coverage to pay for the costs and injuries you incur. 

You could cover the gap by receiving payments through other insurance policies. However, you are not able to obtain the benefit of a “double recuperation.” When one insurance company offers the full amount of compensation, you can’t receive additional compensation from a different insurer that exceeds the amount that you claim.

Health Insurance Claims

The process of obtaining compensation under the liability insurance policy could take quite a while. Third-party claims require showing that the driver is at fault who is the owner of the policy which can be challenged by the insurance company. 

Additionally, you could face urgent medical expenses related to these. You could make use of your health insurance policy to cover these expenses. Passengers injured in an accident will have to cover the deductible as well as any co-payments that are required and also the costs of expenses which the policy does not cover. 

The health insurance provider later might seek an auto insurer for compensation in the event that it pays on the claim, as the auto insurance policy is designed to be the first the first priority.

Med Pay Coverage

You might not be aware that your car insurance policy could provide the possibility of medical payment coverage regardless of who is at fault in an accident. Medical payments tend to be processed much quicker than those under liability insurance. 

They are only used to pay medical bills and do not take into account the loss of income, or for the pain and suffering. In addition, medpay may not pay all medical expenses if the accident was grave. It typically has a small amount of coverage compared to other types of insurance.Non-Exclusive

The victim can continue to pursue claims from third parties regardless of whether they are compensated via med payments.

The process of submitting a claim for medical pay and receiving compensation for it will not stop the victim from continuing pursue a third party claim under the policy on liability insurance of a vehicle or driver owner. 

Similar to seeking claims against several parties, but you are not able to get an additional recovery from the med pay system or liability insurance. Any money you get from medpay for your medical expenses will be deducted from the part of the compensation that you receive by liability insurance. The other elements of the compensation will be affected.

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Airbag-related injuries can occur during Car Accidents

Airbags are safety features in automobiles that are designed to activate in the event of a collision to safeguard the occupants of a car. 

They are located in the steering wheel for the driver and in the dashboard for the front-seat passenger, while additional airbags may be located in the doors for side-impactaccidents. When it detects an extreme collision, a crash sensor will activate the igniter of the airbag, which will fill the airbag with gas before it can deploy. Although airbags can save lives and can reduce the severity of certain injuries, they can also cause some types of injuries even when they are deployed properly. For instance the chemicals and dust contained in the airbags could cause irritation to the skin and eyes.

Problems with Airbag deployment

According to NHTSA Airbags that work properly are able to inflate in just 0.05 seconds.

Failures caused by airbags usually result from the failure of the crash sensor to turn on when it is required. It might not deploy the airbags following the event of a crash, or deploy them even if there’s no crash. Sensors can also activate an airbag in the wrong time or not trigger all of the necessary airbags within the vehicle. 

A delay in deployment may seem like a minor concern but how fast accidents occur means that every second is crucial. A collision for instance can force a victim’s head forward because of the force of impact. If an airbag goes into action after the head has been pushed forward, it might hit the head of the victim and cause severe head trauma.

Accidents caused by functioning airbags

Front-seat passengers and drivers must be sure to keep at a distance from airbags in the event that they suddenly activate. 

Sometimes, however, airbags could cause injury even if they are deployed correctly. They typically cause eye injuries or burned areas or Abrasions. 

The respiratory issues can also result from the chemicals the airbag emits, particularly for people with allergies to lungs or have certain health issues.

Litigation for Airbag injuries

If you suspect that your airbag did not deploy correctly and caused injuries, ensure that you preserve the airbag as well as the crash sensor as well as other parts of your vehicle. 

It is important to try to save your car even if insurer declares it an absolute loss and attempts to seize the vehicle. The evidence you have from your vehicle’s computer could be crucial in finding the source of airbag injuries.

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The majority of airbag injuries result in an product liability claim that is distinct from a typical car accident scenario. They usually require that the airbag was affected by manufacturing defect or design flaw. An manufactured fault is a defect in the airbag or sensor you purchased that must have been created in a different way from its intended design. In contrast, a defective design is a flaw in the way in which the maker created the airbag or sensor. It was unsafe because the manufacturer did not consider certain risks to safety that ought to have considered. Expert witnesses may be required and evidence from a technical standpoint to establish the liability. Therefore, you require the assistance of an attorney to help bring your case. The defendants could include the maker of your vehicle as well as the producer of the airbag, as well as any organizations responsible for maintaining, fixing and/or replacing your airbag.Defense Strategy: Plaintiff’s Negligence

The defendants could argue that the plaintiff’s negligence led to the airbag-related injuries. The NHTSA suggests that both drivers as well as passengers

  • Be sure to sit far back from the dashboard or steering wheel.
  • Make sure you buckle your seat belts
  • Do not put rear-facing car seats in the airbag’s active area.
  • Children younger than 13 years old can be seated in the rear
  • Repair airbags by visiting an authorized repair facility within minutes of the crash.