Complete Guide to Mastering

Complete Guide to Mastering


Mastering music can be a challenging process. It’s that last step in mixing and mastering that can be the final push to make a good track sound great.

Follow step by step as the multiple genre paths are mastered. After you learn all functions and concepts first.

Get the exact files I’m working on in the course, so you can dive into the instructor in detail and practice

Get my custom Tonal Balance curve from my top reference tracks, as a simple download.

If you just want to learn from breaking down what was taught, all presets are included too.

Meet Scott, a multi-talented audio guru who has had a rich and varied career in the industry.

It all started in the early 2000s when he worked as a segment producer for a radio station, honing his broadcast mastery skills.

He later worked as an acoustics installation technician and spent countless nights as an acoustic tech at venues, honing his craft and honing his voice. Scott’s passion for sound was temporarily sidetracked when he joined the Royal Marines, a long-held dream, but after only two years into his time, he was cut short by injury.

Undeterred, he returned to his first love and earned two degrees in Music Production and a BA in Audio Science.

It even produced the first Neve VR console simulation, despite being beat in the market by the Plugin Alliance.

Today, Scott is a popular electronic music artist, content creator, and founder of Warrior Sound.

With a wealth of experience working with some of the biggest names in the audio world, including Waves Audio, IK Multimedia and Izotope, he has produced over 1,000 videos, showcasing his expertise in the field.

He has also created music under the pseudonyms “Unders” and “Warrior Sound Beats” and has produced a number of artists, mixing and mastering their work to perfection.

With a deep understanding of how to monetize music, Scott has created multiple income streams from a single track, cementing his status as a true vocal guru.

Explain the M/S function and how we access it.

Midprocessing is a technique used in audio mastering that allows an engineer to adjust the stereo picture balance of a mix. The “mid” channel contains the mono information of the mix (such as vocals and bass), while the “side” channel contains the stereo information (such as the rest of the instruments). By adjusting the levels of the middle and side channels, the engineer can make the mix wider or narrower, change the focus of the mix, or reduce clutter in the stereo field.

not at all. We use Ozone 10 because it has a great set of tools to master and gives us consistency in teaching, but you can apply what you learn to many other options. There is nothing stopping you from using various other tools while applying the methods and techniques you will learn.

“Once the course started, it was a great introduction for those of us who learned how to use something new…after we bought it. 🙂 Focuses on music that isn’t my use case, but is applicable to different scenarios. Good summary!”

“Really great course! I very much understand the power of ozone and color balance. Now I really want to switch my Standard Edition to the Advanced Edition!”

“This course is a perfect match for me. I’ve been a musician for decades but didn’t know how to record my ideas well enough. I love the content on this course and will probably watch it again and more”

“The course is very comprehensive and helps me get familiar with the software! I can’t wait to learn more about mastering the skills I’m learning here”

“Very good! I am learning a lot and have a better understanding of how to use ozone”

“We greatly appreciate the introduction of Master as a whole and as one of the most popular tools in the audio processing toolbox.”

“I have a much better understanding of what I’m doing with my mastery and use of ozone”

We do not cover vinyl mastering or surround sound mastering. Both are very specialized subjects.

Not at all, in fact, ideally, you’re well versed in music production. Familiarize yourself with phonemic terms before starting. While having a basic understanding will be enough to proceed, be prepared for a lot of critical listening and A/B of your choices.

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No problem, the award-winning Ozone 9 course comes with a whole new mastery guide.

Yes, there are training projects and music that you can download and work from, and that also includes all presets created in the course.

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Learn how to go from a good mix to an amazing final music

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