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Because of their commitment, clarity of message, and of course their lovingly prepared raw menus, the Butenko family—mother Victoria, father Igor, son Sergey, and daughter Valya—tempt the hearts, minds, and stomachs of all their audience, raw food or not, wherever they go. With The No-Cook Cookbook, a compelling and practical book, the two precocious teens in the family, Sergey (17) and Valya (16), make their official entry into the spotlight and say things as they see it through their little, not-yet-eyes. Veiled by the cataracts of age.

I chose the word “precocious” to talk about Valya and Sergei because, despite their young age, they show wisdom and deep knowledge. Curiously, the etymology of the word “precocious” refers to the Latin word “coquere,” which means “to cook” or “to ripen.” In its charming way, No-Cook Cooking deals with exactly that. Despite the youth of their authors, this book presents itself as a valid contribution to raw cooking and I cannot say how pleased I am that such a mature work could have been produced by two so young.

I was especially touched by the autobiographical and sympathetic words of Sergey and Valya. It was evident that it was not easy for them to find their way in a society whose way of life and values ​​were often diametrically opposed to raw (and healthy) food.

There is no doubt that the beneficial influence of their parents, Victoria and Igor, hastened their journey; However, credit must be given to Val-lya and Sergei’s efforts to resist peer pressure as well as the powerful temptations of a consumer society.

Most of us don’t learn until our late 30s to recognize important values, hence the phrase, “Youth is a waste of time for young people.” But youth was not a waste of time for Valya and Sergey. They are already at the time sharing what they have received, from this ever-growing knowledge about the healing power of raw food. Thus, very early on, they will have tasted the joy of being useful to others and the satisfaction of having real relationships with others.

Sergey and Valya’s recipes, unlike many of the cookbooks I’ve consulted, are made from products that comply with the hygienic principles they preach. Thus they take into account the importance of transitioning from cooked to raw, and then transitioning from “raw gourmet” to “integrated raw,” highlighting the savory appeal that prevents succumbing to the temptations of the cooked. Their recipes offer a balance of the five flavours, sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter, alleviating the craving for too much fruit and not enough vegetables.

Peace be upon you all, Victoras Colvinskas

Dear children, teens and adults,

I would like this message to reach you in some way. It is a message that can affect your life and make you see that happiness does not come in small bags or in liter bottles. I wish there was a way to convince you of my generation that we can all be happy and free without drugs. I hope to stop you from damaging your body and show you how much you may regret it later.

More than anything, I hope to be able to unite you all and show you that each of you is beautiful and miraculous, and that life would never be the same without you. Unfortunately, this is impossible, because the only effective way to teach anything is precisely to not teach anything at all! The only way for me to convince you is to set a good example and tell you my story. Words of wisdom are worth nothing if no one hears them.

Part One: Delicious Meals

How to flavor our dishes Appetizers Salads Savory sauces Soups Appetizers Fermented foods Juices and other beverages Crackers and bread

Part Two: Desserts

Smoothies, cakes and pies, sweets, cookies, ice cream

Part Three: Travel provisions

Seasoning fast snack trail mixes

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