D Programming Language – Best Backend Programming Language – Teach Sector

D Programming Language – Best Backend Programming Language – Teach Sector


For high reliability (such as in the nuclear industry or blockchain) or for real-time software, Rust is better than D. But Rust is the language of geniuses (or at least very difficult, especially for beginners). Rust is also difficult to rebuild. In my opinion, for general purpose programming we only need two languages: Rust and D.

For some applications, specialized languages ​​are better. For example, you may have no other choice but to use JavaScript to program in the browser. Mathematical checking (“validation”) of a program is easier if it is written in a functional language such as Haskell. There are languages ​​that allow “safe capabilities” which makes it impossible to call a private function (in D it is sometimes possible for example with assembler code) which allows the programming language itself to be used instead of the OS to protect against hackers.

My claim is that in all other cases that I know of, D is better than any other programming language out there (except perhaps Rust), and it is the best programming language today. Unlike Rust, D has memory security by using memory management by garbage collection just like Python. In other words, D is the best general-purpose programming language (except perhaps Rust). Next I will show how D is better than Python.

In the following table I list the known advantages of Python and show that D is better (almost) in every respect:

Now to the disadvantages of Python (compared to other programming languages ​​and D in particular):

D is a statically typed programming language, but all the “dynamic” features in Python can be easily imitated in D using only static (type-checked) language features. For example, decor can be imitated using moldings.

The fast compilation time of the D command and rdmd allows D to be used as a scripting language, but scripts run at the native speed of machine code.

In short, D is the only programming language out there that has both:

This is why D is the best general-purpose programming language (if we exclude Rust as its closest competitor to be the best back-end language). Specifically D is:

A selection of GUI libraries also makes D a “candidate” for the best GUI programming language.

D is the best programming language to learn! Dlang contains almost all the features of C, C++, Java, C#, Ruby & Python, JavaScript & TypeScript, PHP, Ada and Go. It is a more powerful programming language than any of those languages.

D is a very good programming language for startups, academics, programming enthusiasts, open source software developers, large and small companies that have decided to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, electronics companies, game developers, system programmers, military, industry, supercomputers and mainframes. D can be used for desktop, web development, electronics, smartphones, servers, mathematics, robotics, games, GPU, artificial intelligence, and even for writing an operating system.

You get a certificate after passing the exams (text book price included). Or alternatively just buy the textbook.

The only prerequisite is knowledge of basic Python features.

You learn almost all the features of the D language (except for the most frequently used or very advanced ones).

You learn the most important features of the standard library. But without weighing yourself down trying to learn everything.

You learn the author’s own libraries that fill in the gaps in the programming standard library as easily as in Python

Not only do you learn to write programs, you are also instructed on how to do it in a good way.

Ask the teacher any questions. Teacher is the author of several D libraries.

Very low power usage by your software. You can exchange 100 servers for one!

You can choose your master’s thesis topic entirely on your own decision (you are only required to use a D).

Your teacher is Victor Burton, the person who discovered structured quasi-group procedures (and wrote 500 pages about them), a general theory like group theory but little known before. Victor Burton is a programming polyglot, author of multilingual software and programming libraries, blockchain expert and winner of the multilingual Blockchain Hackathon, author of several books and philosopher.

Exam: general information about Dr

This course price includes the e-textbook. However, you can purchase a text book separately.

The D language is an advanced multi-purpose programming language (on par with C/C++, or sometimes much faster) and highly reliable (better than Ada in most aspects of reliability), yet feature-rich (as flexible as Python).

Develop high-performance, reliable applications or libraries faster than if you were using Python. You do the same things as if you were a Python programmer, but you get blazing fast and have far fewer bug implementations. Impress your employer that you know the most advanced programming language in the world. I would answer better when you are not studying D: only if you have a specific language required by your employer or if you need a specific library that is not available in D. D almost well replaces C, C++, Python, Ruby, etc. it’s better. from any of those.

In the course author’s opinion, D is harder to learn than Python, but much easier than C++ or Rust. After you master it, it is more difficult to write than Python, but you will develop faster because you spend less time debugging.

D has a growing set of libraries, mainly including open source libraries, but it has not yet become as popular as Python, so Python has more libraries.

The course is intended to be a Master of Science level course. Your certificate will contain the word MASTER. But you can actually take it while undergraduate or even associate in computer science, it’s fine even for amateurs who only know Python.

Yes! Well, except for a few special tasks: some kind of mathematical programming, complex real-time programming tasks, the task that requires the reliability level of nuclear technology, and stuff inside browsers and other specialized scripts. Well, there are more libraries in some other languages. D is not good for beginners (that’s why you have to learn something like Python or Java first).

I think the main reason is that the author of the D language renamed it from Mars to D, which was an unfortunate choice of name and under-marketing. Another reason is that it is complex: you need to spend some time learning it, and it is not as simple as Python. Invest your time in learning.

Yes! It offers a “Higher Master’s” certificate, “Master of Advanced Programming Technology”. Note, however, that this is not an accredited university.

This is educational content from the Victor Burton Foundation, a charity, provided by Victor Burton, the person who discovered arranged quasi-group routines.

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