¡El Método Alemán de Canto | CURSO DE CANTO!

¡El Método Alemán de Canto | CURSO DE CANTO!


Improve your vocal technique and get results in 30 days!

German multimedia singing course in which you will discover how to learn to sing online using your mobile phone, computer or tablet.

Your time is a limited resource. Even with all the money in the world, we can’t buy another day of life, not one hour, not one minute.

This is why we stress to our students the importance of developing as artists as quickly as possible, if this is their profession and their dream. Unlike other instruments, the sound has no substitute, you’ll only have one for life, and you don’t have to stress how important it is that you know how to use it, care for it, and maintain it.

Now is the time because this day will never shine again, and the earlier you start, the better, the longer you will enjoy your achievements.

If you really want to learn German singing technique and unleash your full potential as a professional singer. The German Singing Method has everything you need, and it’s entirely possible to see results in 30 days or less!

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WHO: Daniel García, Founder and CEO of MetodoAlemandeCanto.com

How do you learn to sing? Let me greet you first of all and thank you for reading our official site, every minute you spend reading this page is time invested in reaching your goal of how to learn to sing or discover how to sing better and quickly.

You will thank me and you will see why I say it 😉

You don’t have to be a fortune teller to know that you are here just because you love to sing or dream of going on stage to show your talent, give your best, fully enjoy the music and your voice, surprise and amuse the audience with a powerful, clear, tuned and captivating voice … There is something to this, right?

I was just like you when I started several years ago, and would have given anything, back then, to get something similar to the German way of singing, the Multimedia Singing Course, which has changed the way we learn to sing at home.

If you’re like most of my students, you don’t want to spend half your life studying, attending boring conservatories or gigantic singing lessons where you just learn to pronounce the old-fashioned way. Watch hundreds of YouTube videos without the need for a specific guide and request. Much less without anyone helping you and clarifying your doubts like we do.

We are in the 21st century in the age of the Internet, the multimedia world of e-books, audio, video and so on. In an era when learning curves have been significantly shortened.

Thinking of you (whoever is reading this) and I will never tire of noticing that learning vocal style is incredibly important to anyone who wants to be a professional level singer and impress their audience.

I know very well that you need to learn to sing, and be able to do it without studying for years and years. Today with the German Singing Method, it is really possible to achieve amazing results in a really short time. You will save a lot of time and at the same time you will save a lot of money with this package that we have prepared with the help of our customers who have ordered everything from us which is now included.

It will give you a lot of security and confidence to know that you can sing without going out of tune, right? naturally!

We have helped hundreds and hundreds of singers to reach a professional level, who trusted us and our German singing technique, and when in a few moments you have access to the download section of the entire course with its accessories, you will also be able to sing almost any song and do amazing things with your voice, because once you know how to master your vocal apparatus, how to breathe correctly, and other techniques, you will always be able to sing in your own personal style, and you will be able to sing whatever you want… whatever you do you will enjoy it more than anyone else.

There is no time for excuses! She loves to sing

Now is the time to give yourself that gift you deserve!

And these are just 3 of the many mistakes amateur singers make that you can fix starting today!

There’s a lot more included than we always offer…but those who take advantage of this offer will find it out. And so they showed me that they are committed to taking it to the next level.

Limited offer, deeply discounted price!

* Low prices available for a limited time.

A surprising discovery that makes it possible to extend the recording of your voice by a maximum of 2 octaves!

There is a really simple, practical and safe way to increase your vocal range.

In fact, it is so easy, that when you learn it, you will ask yourself… “How is it possible that no one told me about these technologies before”

In this release you will find the following benefits in eBook and Audiobook format.

You will train your vocal muscles in a completely different way.

You’ll be in control of the air when singing, without being short on a strum.

You will discover how easy it is to expand your registry in this way.

You will learn to breathe to sing. How to inhale, exhale and hold the air during the song.

You will find your personal style, you will enrich your timbre and color of your voice.

No matter what kind of voice you have, you can bet there are a lot of higher notes missing. But not for much longer!

And much more that we cannot mention here for reasons of space. If you want a detailed description enter here.

Sudden Discovery makes it possible to expand your vocal range to a maximum of 2 octaves!

Now there is a really simple, practical and safe way to increase your vocal range.

In fact, it is very easy to ask yourself when you are learning it…”How could someone not have told me about these technologies before”

I received your invitation to try this new material two weeks ago, oh my god! How can it be so easy to expand the record and how is it possible that I haven’t achieved it myself!!! …

I had a very limited vocal range, and I desperately needed to expand it by at least 3 or 4 notes. I saw your course to expand the soundtrack and didn’t hesitate for a minute to buy it.

I have to tell you that the change I made in a month was amazing, believe me when I tell you that I sing songs that were really impossible for me before.

I wanted to tell you that my experience with the course helped me a lot in developing my hearing. Since the sixth reading scales exercise, sounds have started to become a part of my musical knowledge and this made it easier for me when it came time to release a song I liked just by listening to it.

In this release you will find: New, newly created material, an eBook and an audiobook.

And that’s only the beginning, so to get into a world you may not know about or if you’ve always wondered why some musicians seem to “predict” the direction a piece or jam sessions will take, here’s your answer.

After the resounding success of the first edition of the Lite Audioperceptive course, we are pleased to present to you, before anywhere else, the new edition of this 100% multimedia course to develop your ear for music in record time!

You must have felt very frustrated, not having the chance to prove what you can do, due to some disappointment on the part of a loved one, or not having the chance to study what you wanted to learn in a respectable (as you deserve) music school.

A guide for anyone starting out in the field of musical singing.

Included FREE with purchase of this special offer.

All this and more you will discover in this book. Included FREE with purchase of this special offer.

Mixed sound is something every singer must learn to master and control naturally and effortlessly. In this eBook we will show you how you can do that too.

Included FREE with purchase of this special offer.

Imagine training hard to have a great voice and then getting damaged by not knowing some tricks and secrets so that it maintains its quality for a lifetime… If you want to know it, you must have a copy of this book ASAP.

Included FREE with purchase of this special offer.

After purchasing the package of your choice from The German Way of Singing Online, you will immediately have access to all the manuals with their vocal galleries, as well as online programs and special bonuses – by direct download.

For this reason, if you are interested in downloading the latest editions of the following materials, it is essential that you order it now.

All courses and study materials have a 90-day money-back guarantee if you don’t agree with The German Way to Sing for any reason.

If you do not use a credit card, write to us with any other payment method or any inquiry at the following e-mail:

Daniel García, Managing Director of MetodoAlemanDeCanto.com

Note: IMPORTANT: We have limited 100 orders with discounts to apply if 100 orders are sold out before the specified date, it means an automatic termination of this offer.

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