Epic 7-day Itinerary To Visit Malta On Holiday – Hand Luggage Only

Malta is a wonderful island to explore. Located right in the Mediterranean, it is filled with thousands of years of history, stunning bays and the most amazing cities that are too beautiful to miss. So, to help you get the most out of your trip, we wanted to share a small itinerary to visit Malta on your next vacation.

Now, you might be wondering if Malta is right for you?

Well, let me give you a little snippet of why it’s on every traveller’s visit list!

First, Malta (and neighboring Gozo) is blessed with amazing Mediterranean sunshine which is very good. Not only that, Malta is absolutely chilly and a great place to visit if you want a layover on your trip.

However, Malta is also a gem in the Mediterranean if you wander around the historic towns and ancient sights. It’s an island that can (and is a perfect fit) to suit the type of trip you want. This is why we keep coming back again and again!

So, as the island began to open up gracefully, we wanted to share some of the places in Malta that you can’t miss.

And as always, make sure you travel safely. Check your government’s travel guidelines and official information from the Maltese government about any restrictions that may be loosened or applied.

Itinerary to visit Malta on holiday

Take a look below at our small itinerary to visit Malta on holiday. Oh, and with all our itineraries, feel free to add, take out, or follow the exact places we’ve mentioned – it’s your vacation after all!

Have a great time.

Day 1: Valletta

Best things to do in Malta and Gozo (8)

As far as Mediterranean cities go, Valletta is a gem worth visiting!

Unlike other big capitals in Europe, Valletta isn’t too big to inundate and not small enough to get bored. In fact, I would say it is perfect for exploring for a few days.

After arriving, be sure to wander around to see the Grandmaster’s Palace and the gorgeous upper (and lower) Barrakka Gardens. These are amazing first thing in the morning and a great way to stretch your legs before your head day.

For a sugary meal, head to Amorino (on Republic Street). Here, you can sample some of the best gelato in all of Malta. Trust me, you’ll be back in seconds.

In the afternoon, wander around the centuries-old Casa Rocca Piccola in the heart of Valletta. Throughout the day, you can join a guide and peek into an absolutely gorgeous (and wealthy) classic mansion that can’t be missed.

Before sunset, head to the Co-Cathedral of St. John’s, which has held a prestigious position in Valletta since the 16th century. It’s a beautiful and wonderful way to see some of Girolamo Cassar’s work. After all, he’s one of the islands’ most famous architects.

Best things to do in Malta and Gozo (19)

Feeling hungry? Head down the cool cobbled streets and pop into Noni (on Republic Street), which mixes Maltese dishes with a modern twist. Their tasting menu is absolutely delicious for an evening meal.

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Day 2: Valletta

Best things to do in Malta and Gozo (26)

One thing I would say is that you should give Valletta at least a full day to explore (although we would prefer a cooler two day trip). However, if you have a short time, you can easily see the main sights of Valletta in one day; Especially if there are other places on your itinerary to visit Malta that you don’t want to miss.

Best things to do in Malta and Gozo (17)

For a morning meal, head for a stroll around the Grand Harbor area where you’ll get some great views across the bay. In addition, you will easily be able to participate in an excursion to Fort Sant’Angelo that historically protected the city. You’ll need to consider about two hours to fully explore the fort; So plan in advance and get nice and early arrival.

For dinner, book a table at the Rampila; You won’t be disappointed, especially on their balcony. We had the traditional Maltese jota broth for the first course and loved it!

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Third day: Medina

Best things to do in Malta and Gozo (12)

There is no place this far in Malta, which means it is a great island to cross and stay in all of the gems of Malta. However, don’t feel pressured to carry on with hotel transfers or overnight accommodations, you can easily take day trips to all locations in Malta and stay anchored in one hotel throughout the trip. It is entirely up to you.

Anyway, where have you been… owe it!

Well, Mdina is probably my favorite city in all of Malta and one location that you can’t miss on a day trip. It is a 25 minute drive from Valletta and quite easy to visit by car, taxi or tours depending on what you want.

Best things to do in Malta and Gozo (11)

Once you head through the famous Mdina Gate, be sure to visit the famous cathedral that overlooks the entire city. It is stunning and the Baroque architecture dates back to years ago!

However, if you want to go back even further in history, go to Domus Romana; Roman house built about two thousand years ago! It is a relatively small museum which means it is a perfect 30 minute visit.

Best things to do in Malta and Gozo (7)

Oh, and don’t forget to grab some of the world-famous Mdina Glass. It is very beautiful and you will find it all over the city.

I feel hungry? Go to the Grotto Tavern, the gnocchi is very tasty and the restaurant is very unique within the cave itself.

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Day 4: West Coast and Beaches

Best things to do in Malta and Gozo (10)

After three days of city life, it’s time to enjoy some more of this wonderful coast of Malta. So, pack your swimming gear, put on sunblock and get ready to sleep on the sand.

Best things to do in Malta and Gozo (59)

But first, head to the Blue Grotto, which is about a 25-minute drive from Valletta (and 15 minutes from Mdina). Once you get here, you will need to take a ride on one of the small boats that will take you inside the Blue Cave itself. However, if you don’t feel like taking the boat, head to the perfect “panoramic” viewing area at sunset.

Best things to do in Malta and Gozo (60)

The views are amazing.

Then, for a short while in the waves, head to Golden Bay just north of the Blue Grotto. It’s a popular spot for sun seekers and kind of a great place for a morning swim (or stroll in the evening).

If you are looking for a dip, go to St. Peter’s on the coast near Marsaxlokk. Here, you’ll get to paddle up in the gorgeous Mediterranean waters and enjoy those views across southern Malta. Just make sure to watch out for choppy water and only go swimming if it’s safe to do so.

Best things to do in Malta and Gozo (58)

Now, we’ve found it’s best to rent a car for coastal days. Though, if you’re not driving, don’t worry; There are many different tour companies that you can book and include in your itinerary to visit Malta.

Day 5: Hiking near Popeye Village

Best things to do in Malta and Gozo (29)

You can’t say you’ve walked around one of the islands every day, but this is totally achievable in Malta, especially from Għadira Bay to Popeye Village.

After your morning dip in Għadira, put on your hiking boots and set out for a wander around the area.

The walk itself won’t take you long at all (although, you can do some detours). We checked out the Red Tower which is just shy of the bay itself (about a 40 minute hike). It dates back to 1649 and is nice to see, especially for the views.

After heading to the West Coast, head to the quaint and utterly picturesque Popeye Village. It is the historical film set for the Popeye movie set in the 1980s.

It’s well worth it for an hour or so, and totally worth including on your itinerary to visit Malta; Even if you haven’t seen the movie.

Finally, for a great view of Popeye Village, head along the coastal road across from the bay. The views across the bay are great from here and you get a great view of Popeye Village itself.

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Sixth day: Gozo

Best things to do in Malta and Gozo (3)

Shy of Malta’s northern shores, Gozo is a smaller island that’s totally worth a short ferry ride to explore! In fact, it is a perfect day trip when visiting Malta.

Best things to do in Malta and Gozo (4)

Departing from Cirkewwa, you will reach Mujar port in a very short time. From here, you can explore all over Gozo and enjoy some of the main sites along the way.

Best things to do in Malta and Gozo (38)

One of the places you must visit is Il-Madonna ta’ Pinu, a church and shrine that is as beautiful as they are. Although the church is not as old as some of the other sites in Malta and Gozo, it is still iconic.

Next, pull out your swimsuit and head to the Blue Hole for a swim! It’s a natural pool that sits close to the collapsed Azure window and is well worth seeing as you follow your itinerary to visit Malta.

Best things to do in Malta and Gozo (31)

Oh, and don’t forget to eat at The Boathouse in Xlendi Bay.

Best things to do in Malta and Gozo (6)

This is a place that will satisfy any seafood craving; Especially with delicious fresh lobster.

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Seventh day: Musta

Best things to do in Malta and Gozo (20)

Before leaving Malta, there is one last (and totally beautiful) place to visit. Mosta!

Only about 20 minutes from central Valletta, Mosta is perfect to see on your last day along your Malta visit itinerary. Even if you only have a few hours before your flight, be sure to take your chin.

Now, one of the things that makes this city so special is the Rotunda of Mosta; A huge church is actually built on the Pantheon in Italy.

Once you arrive, you will soon see why it is such a special place, especially with one of the largest unsupported domes in the entire world!

If you still have time, wander the Ta’ Bistra catacombs shy from downtown. You will see a pile of unique historical catacombs to visit.

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