EZ Wood Project Designer

EZ Wood Project Designer


Compwhlon everyone said it would be great and it is. Very concise and a lot of pictures. A great information packed little book for those just getting started on some projects.

@Swtrader I wish I had this some 35 years ago. Andy does a really great job of putting a lot of needed information – which many of us have been taught over years of doing and watching others – into a very concise package. The pages on pocket screw joinery are very helpful – especially if you’ve never used pocket screws before. A very simple book on what can be a very complex subject.

Paden C. I wanted to make a few pieces that would fit my space. I’m a little used to woodworking but not confident enough to jump into the project. This book gives definitions and good instructions.

Nickion loved how this book starts with the simple steps of building a box, then shows how to build box-frame furniture such as an entry table, bookshelf, etc.

Donald Nawrockion This is a great reference book for anyone interested in the basics of woodworking with minimal tools. Simple and easy to understand presentation of woodworking projects.

Stephen P. Percocoon This book doesn’t tell you how to make a Chippendale facade, but it does provide very useful tips and a time saver for the novice woodworker (like me). A practical guide for those using 2X4s to build racks and workbenches.

Quiviranon This book cuts to the chase and doesn’t waste your time. Great place to start.

Great book KT. Simple and easy to understand. Very informative and straightforward I would definitely recommend it to beginners. If you’re new to woodworking….get it!

FO Music Lover My Dad and his dad were carpenters – however – their skills were not passed on to me – in other words, I wasn’t born with their carpentry skills. So I bought the book not really knowing what I was really paying for!

Wonderful! This book tells you what length of screw to use when you are using for example a 1″ x 3/4″ board attached to a 1″ x 3/4″ board. This may not mean anything to some of you reading this, but if you’re not literal like my dad or grandpa was, that info was awesome!

DDV This is a comprehensive book for the homeowner who wants to make improvements to their property. It’s easy for a homeowner to understand that he’s not above our skill set. Understanding wood, finishes, fasteners, tools, etc. really gives you a better understanding. I will be able to build a cabinet and put it on a cabinet and you will help me build cabinets in our pantry, which is easy to read and follow. Andy did an excellent job!

Amon is great for beginners, like me.

As a “wood butcher” aficionado, this is very useful. We look forward to having more time to use this book with projects.

David Anderson is a nice book for beginners but not much for people with more than a little practical experience. It would make a nice gift for anyone who wants to learn some easy woodworking basics but doesn’t necessarily want to become a skilled craftsman. Everyone needs a starting point.

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