Five Things to Avoid After a Car Accident

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You don’t want to get in a wreck unless you are trying to win points in a demolition derby or attempt to commit insurance fraud.

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An auto accident can ruin your entire day. You may have to miss work or miss a critical appointment due to an auto accident. In addition to dealing with the inconvenience, you will also need to deal with liability issues, possible traffic violations, and possibly injuries.

Here are some statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They report that there were 2.24 Million crashes with injuries in the U.S. last year. 

The good news is that fatal crashes have fallen to their lowest level in 60 years, thanks to safer cars [source NHTSA].

However, almost all drivers will be in a car crash at some point in their lives. Even if you are the most careful and safest driver, that doesn’t mean you can avoid the person who tries to send a text while driving and crashes into your car at a red light.

There are steps you can take after an accident to ensure your safety and the safety of any other drivers involved. Also, make sure that all documentation is correct for insurance purposes and law enforcement. You should not do certain things after an accident. These are the things we’ll be covering here.

This article will discuss five things that you shouldn’t do following a car accident. These mistakes are often dangerous and illegal. If you avoid them, you will be back on the roads in no time.


  1. Leave the Scene
  2. Don’t forget to call 911
  3. Get Your Cool
  4. Don’t Forget About Proper Documentation
  5. Do Not Neglect the Aftermath

5: Get Out of the Scene

Let’s suppose you get into a car accident. It’s not a terrible thing. Although you have collided with another vehicle, the damage to your car is minimal. 

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At first glance, no one seems to have been hurt. You’re cool enough to drive off, right?

Actually, you’re not. No matter how serious a wreck appears, you must always stop and check on the other party involved.

You also need to exchange information about your insurance policy and report it to police. You’re guilty of a crime if you don’t.

Driving away from a wreck in Texas could result in a charge for failure to stop or render aid. Although it’s a misdemeanor offense in Texas, if someone is hurt or killed, it could lead to a felony charge [source: Matt Horak law firm].

You are also required to assist someone injured, such as transporting them to a hospital.

If you find yourself in a bind, be sure to do your research and stay on the sidelines helping others. They should do the same for yours. You could also be arrested if they don’t. It seems quite simple.

4: Don’t forget to call 911

Some people believe that it is unnecessary to report an accident to 911 if nobody was injured in the wreck. Here’s why this is a bad idea.

Let’s suppose you and the other driver reach a kind of “gentleman’s agreement” that the insurance company will handle the situation, but that they won’t report the accident to the police. 

Even if you seem to be on the same page, how can you tell if their insurance is current? Is it even possible? How can you be sure that the driver who hit you does not have an active warrant for arrest? You should also report any medical issues to the police.

One in seven drivers does not have car insurance. Many people are evading the system by using a fake or expired insurance certificate. You’re the one at the end of the line if you are in a car accident with someone without insurance.

What proof can you get that the wreck occurred if you don’t have a police report? Although law enforcement may not always respond to collisions, unless there are serious injuries, you still have the right to obtain an accident report. This can help speed up the claims process. Do it!

3: Lose Your Cool

Car crashes are never pleasant. You may feel upset and even hurt after a car crash. It’s not a good idea, however, to lose your cool at the other driver. (Yes, even if they caused the accident.

The first thing you should ask the other driver when you are dealing with them is “Are your alright?” Do not start blaming them or shouting at them. It won’t fix anything, and it doesn’t help anyone. 

Keep calm and take deep breaths. To assess the situation and document the accident, you must be calm.

Another thing that you should not do at the scene is to tell others it was your fault. This could lead to you being sued or other penalties. Keep it together, ensure everyone is safe, be polite and protect yourself.

2: Forget Proper Documentation

You’ve called 911 and stayed on the scene of the accident. What are the other things you should do? You must also properly document the accident and obtain the correct insurance information from the other driver.

Clear your mind and try to figure out what happened. What were you doing before the crash? Which street did you take and which direction was it heading? 

What date did the other driver arrive? To give insurance providers and law enforcement a consistent and accurate account, you’ll need to keep the wreckage clean and exact. This story may be repeated several times.

In general, you will need the name, address, and policy number of the other driver. You should also note the make, model, and color of the vehicle they drove. Also, make sure to note the number of the license plates on the vehicle that they are driving. 

Did you have witnesses? If there were witnesses, please get their phone numbers and names. Take photos of the accident site if you have a digital camera. These photos may prove useful later in the claims process.

1: Don’t forget the Aftermath

The car accident was likely to be traumatic and hard enough. But the most difficult part is often the one after. It’s crucial to ensure that you follow up on all matters. Sometimes, this can include seeking legal or medical advice.

Is it true that you were in an accident? Are you still experiencing pain or other health issues? You should see a doctor immediately if you have. 

If you are concerned about large medical bills, you may want to contact a lawyer. If another driver threatens legal action against your, you will likely need to hire a lawyer.

Register your insurance claim as soon as possible. There are often time limitations for filing a claim with insurance companies. So get started as soon as possible. 

It is a good idea to check your insurance coverage before you need it. You don’t want the surprise of having to pay for a rental car. It is helpful to find out if your state assigns “fault” to any of the drivers involved. Remember that you can send your car to any shop of your choice.

Keep in touch with the insurance companies. You should keep in touch with them as well as the repair shop. You want this problem resolved quickly so that you can move on with your daily life.

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Author’s Note: 5 Things You Should NOT Do Following a Car Accident

As I said in the article, nobody looks forward to being in a car crash. You could lose your car, get into an accident, endanger your life, or even be sued. 

These are all reasons to practice defensive driving. You need to take important steps after a car accident, no matter how stressful. This article will hopefully help people to remember what to do in such situations.

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