Frisky Foreplay Games for Couples

Frisky Foreplay Games for Couples


emember when you first met your partner – everything was so fresh and new and exciting. You were willing to try to do everything to please each other. I was eager to experience new situations, new technologies, new locations, and even new games. The sex was hot – every touch electric and sexy. You longed to feel their naked body against yours…you thought about all the creative things you wanted to do with each other all the time. You craved sexual novelty and pushed aside your inhibitions. I was eager to learn and experience new pleasures just for fun.

Your relationship now seems rather relaxed. It feels nice but… there is no excitement, no excitement, no passion! Even the sex you have is very predictable and boring.

That’s when I knew you had to start worrying. You decide to take action to ensure that your love life doesn’t turn into a sexless void.

That’s why you’re here looking for a way to get the fun back. This is what brought you together in the first place.

As you read every word of this article, imagine all the fun and exciting pleasures that you want to enjoy with your loved one. Are all your erotic thoughts now just secret fantasies – repressed for another day that never comes?

It’s amazing that people all over the world get into boring routine sex over and over again. Isn’t sex your chance to play and have fun with your partner… to connect intimately, bond emotionally and enjoy each other?

Sexual intimacy is critical to your healthy and loving relationship. But it’s hard to keep your intimate times together fresh, exciting, and fun. How do you go about making the sex so wild, hot, and so passionate that you both want to spend more time together?

In a committed, loving relationship, it’s scary to bring new sexual thoughts into your bedroom. You may feel shy about asking for certain types of foreplay or sex that you think your partner thinks is bad, dirty, or disgusting. Maybe you want to explore exotic sensations that include spanking, dirty talk, oral sex, or even anal pleasure but don’t know how to bring it up. Erotic bedroom games that include different types of foreplay ideas and hilarious sex tips are the perfect solution. When you are part of the game, you will both be more willing to experiment and have fun together.

To help improve our marriage, my husband and I designed Frisky Foreplay to spice up our intimate play. We make our sex games available online for you to download immediately because:

We want couples all over the world to satisfy their sexual needs and create happy, healthy, loving relationships. We hope these creative foreplay and fun sex ideas will inspire you to explore your sexual potential and satisfy your intimate desires.

Frisky Foreplay is a hot pairs game that uses regular dice and a huge list of exciting activities designed to help you explore a range of exciting pleasures:

Erotic couples games help you to increase fun, pleasure and pleasure in your relationship. Laughing and playing together will bring you closer and strengthen your bond.

Your copy of Frisky Foreplay includes hundreds of quick and easy foreplay activities to play with. Use them to spark your erotic imagination and add your own fun personal touch. All of these creative foreplay ideas can be used alone or in combination to add more spice to your everyday ideas of lovemaking.

Take turns rolling three dice and perform impressive missions. But of course you don’t “push hot buttons” when you want great sex. You want to play more and make the fun last as long as possible. There are six levels of intense fun that you can unlock while playing.

Ignite your lover’s passion with delicious intimate kisses. Turn up the sexy heat while teasing and teasing her fingers, toes, toys and other fun accessories. Spark your love with hundreds of hot new sexy ideas.

Playful foreplay is about creative sensual intimacy — great sex is the goal. When you play this exciting dice game, take your time to tease and excite each other. Just try to resist the urge to move on (at least until someone wins). Each foreplay activity encourages you to sample new techniques, rarely used positions, unique accessories and even your own adult toys in new and creative ways. Take the opportunity to explore erogenous zones and invent new ways to stimulate your favourites. Inspire each other to go above and beyond – make adult playtime extra special.

This amazing foreplay game is specially priced so you can enjoy some great sex tonight or whenever you want. What’s better than a cozy night in bed or a bonfire playing intimate games designed for couples in love? Show how much you appreciate your loved one by having a more intimate time enjoying the game together. Your gift of loving pleasure will be appreciated and remembered fondly.

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Here are some other ways you can use Frisky Foreplay Ideas:

Remember that prolonged foreplay is necessary to improve the overall lovemaking experience. Extended pleasure is one of the best ways to dramatically intensify your orgasms…even multiple orgasms.

Fooling Around is an exciting, colorful board game design that adds a fun twist to Frisky Foreplay. It allows you to use foreplay ideas manuals in a whole new way. The tongue-in-cheek game for adults involves fiddling around the edge of a hole. Deep in the crater are the hotspots. Your goal is to fill the hotspots with fun plugs. When the hole is fully plugged, the game is over. The winner is the player who has connected the most hotspots.

This erotic game for couples is all about fun and exciting sensual intimacy – sex is definitely on the list. So dim the lights, put the phone down, find a comfortable place and get down to it. You will get lucky with every roll of the dice.

Get both of these exciting games together as instant downloads and start playing tonight.

I’m so confident that you’ll absolutely love playing Frisky Foreplay with your partner, because it comes with a 100% no-hassle, no-risk money-back guarantee. If within 56 days (8 weeks) you are not satisfied for any reason, simply email us for a full refund. You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it now.

You’ll get instant access to these sexy foreplay games (even if it’s 2:00 AM on a Saturday night)

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All game and foreplay ideas are in PDF format, which can be viewed on any computer (PC or MAC) or even an iPad. It is not a physical product, so dice and tokens are not included. Most people have a lot of these things around their homes anyway.

Surprise your boyfriend tonight with a naughty new bedroom game to spice up your relationship. Make your sex life raucous… Remember, there is absolutely no risk involved. Your order is processed confidentially and securely with ClickBank providing excellent customer service. This is really a risk-free offer to enhance your relationship with more exciting fun.

PS Neurobic Sex is an idea that came from recent research in mind-body science. It turns out that great sex improves your brain and keeps you healthy. When you engage your senses (vision, smell, taste, touch, and hearing) and emotions in unusual, unexpected, or new combinations, you create new neural connections. You also stimulate the production of brain nutrients that keep your brain active and healthy. Neuroexercise can actually help you think, feel, and look younger. Remember seeing how your acquaintances and friends transformed almost overnight when they started having regular sex in a new relationship. They seemed to glow with joy and happiness. Try having more great sex for yourself and see if it works for you.

According to research, for neurological exercises to be effective, you must:

Your brain is your most important sexual organ – keep it fit and healthy with creative sex. Playing couples games together will help engage all your senses and emotions in the fun.

If you’re new to sex toys and feel Frisky Foreplay might be too advanced or weird for you, check out Michael Webb’s 100 Great Sex Toys for Couples. These erotic toys are more suitable for romantic couples looking for soft, tame sex play. When you’re done with them, come back and try Frisky Foreplay.

It’s still cheaper than other boxed games because there are no shipping costs. You can download and play Frisky Foreplay in just a few minutes.

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