How the Giants can beat the Dodgers in the NLDS

The Division Series Dodgers vs. Giants Match. Photo courtesy of The Athletic.
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  • San Francisco and Los Angeles meet for the first time in post-season history
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The moment all baseball fans have been waiting for is finally here: Giants, Dodgers, NLDS. What else could you ask for after this wonderful season?

The two biggest competitors in the Western National League will meet again when it matters most. And even though the Giants finished the season with the most wins in all of Major League Baseball, some odds makers still favored the Dodgers.

This is easy to understand in theory. On paper, the Dodgers not only have the strongest roster, but they also boast the most shooting rotation possible in major competitions. Then, as you now know, there are many things that happen when choosing an MLB.

Now that we’ve got the playoff streak we’ve wanted from the Giants vs Dodgers, let’s take a look at how and why the Giants stand a great chance of displacing current champions and moving on to the National League Championship Series.

Predict the Dodger Giants NLDS: This is how the Giants can beat the Dodgers

The Dodgers and the Giants have faced each other 19 times this season, with San Francisco winning ten encounters. Don’t get any closer. As a matter of fact, that only win was the difference between going straight to the NLDS without having to play a Wild Card game.

Most people choose their MLB from pure names but this is not a winning formula. While there are no big names or superstars at this point in their careers, the Giants have already held a franchise record for most wins (107) this season, topping the 1904 record of 106 from their days in New York. This is not your average underdog.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a dominant rotation in Max Scherzer, Walker Buehler, Julio Ureas and Tony Gonsulin. On the flip side, the San Francisco Giants weren’t that bad either, with Kevin Gausman, Anthony DeSclafani and Logan Webb as the elite captain.

Both teams are well trained and feature explosive offenses that can produce strikes in a variety of ways, so neither seems to have a clear advantage over the other. Then again, we’re talking about the Giants not knowing what it means to come home early in the post-season. Historically, this is the time when they thrive the most, unlike their lifelong competitors.

So, if you ask me the key to beating the Dodgers, I’d say the Giants should do exactly what they did in the regular season: be aggressive, but at the same time disciplined, and keep trusting their arms up a hill.

Giants are real

The Giants ranked sixth in number of runs (804), seventh in batting average (.249), seventh in OBP (.329), fourth in strokes (.440), and fourth in OPS (.769). They spanned their entire season offensive with 241 home runs, only behind the Toronto Blue Jays in this regard.

It’s the Giants’ team with 107 wins against the Dodgers’ 106 wins Friday night at Oracle Park. Prepare your hearts.

They were even more impressive when it came to their presentation. They are second in ERA (3.24), second in closing (18), first in tackles (56), second in WHIP (1.15), and fifth in cross-hit average (.230).

Obviously the Dodgers have also been impressive in most of these aspects and they are the only team in the league with better brilliance than them, but it’s not like the Giants have barely made a knockout and need a game plan exclusively for Dave Roberts. Also, they were 54-27 at home, so the Dodgers are going to have a tough time making it to Oracle Park in this best of five series.

Giants-Dodgers NLDS will be one for the ages, that’s for sure. Taking a look at most of the stats, this would be kind of neglectful.

This is the first time these lifelong rivals have met in a post-season and in a year where they both set franchise records, so this will be a fight to the death from start to finish. So, for those who expect the Dodgers to completely blow up their rivals, we have bad news.

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