Ideal trade partners if the Dolphins decide to move DeVante Parker before the deadline

Photo by The Dolphin Seer.

Rumors about a 2021 DeVante Parker trade have surfaced recently, as the Miami Dolphins were far from the opposing team, and some analysts predicted it to be early in the season.

The talented wide receiver has been the team’s biggest offensive threat over the past two years. However, it doesn’t appear to be on the same line with Tua Tagovailoa and his production has dropped dramatically since the Alabama producer took charge of the crime.

However, the Parker is one of the best receivers available at the moment, and with Dolphins potentially entering panic mode as we approach the trade deadline, it could be ready to grab it. That is, assuming they don’t get hot over the next couple of weeks and some string wins together.

DeVante Parker 2021 Trade Rumors

DeVante Parker could be a wide range receiver in the right scenario. He’s a great runner, he’s strong, fast, athletic and has great jumps. He is also under contract until 2024, so the only concern with him will be his stamina.

Parker has struggled with injuries this season, making the Dolphins’ offensive even more brief. However, he is talented enough to give them a good return on a potential deal. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the teams that can run on it:


It’s no secret that the Baltimore Ravens are very eager to help at scale. Marquis “Hollywood” Brown looks a lot better than his rookie season and is a legitimate candidate. But other than him, they don’t have a legitimate threat, and God knows you can’t trust Sammy Watkins.

Dolphins have disqualified CB Xavien Howard and WR DeVante Parker from Sunday’s game in London against Jaguar.

The Miami Dolphins were reportedly looking to secure at least a third-round pick in any trade for Parker.

The Heavy Ravens attack has been effective and explosive this season but can be one-dimensional at times. Lamar Jackson needs another weapon besides Brown and Mark Andrews.


This is a slightly off shot, as the Chiefs are unlikely to be willing to give up draft picks unless he gives them more help in their defense. But they’ve already taken a pilot on Josh Gordon, so you know they’re looking everywhere for another deep ball threat.

Tyreek Hill is one of the best receivers in the world, but there is a huge drop in talent after him and Travis Kelsey for The Chiefs.

Parker is one of the best receivers available on the market right now and Andy Reed would be crazy if he didn’t at least think about it.


The Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins have a very good relationship when it comes to making deals.

They can put that on full display again by giving Ben Roethlisberger another weapon now that JuJu Smith-Schuster is out for the season.

Even if Big Ben retires (which he should) after this season, they’ll still have Parker on a reasonable contract until 2024. The Steelers’ offense was pedestrians at best and they haven’t had a true No. 1 receiver since Antonio Brown left. Adding Parker vs. Deontay Johnson and with Chase Claypool also in the mix, they could finally show some signs of life.


The Denver Broncos’ offense was inactive most of the year. Teddy Bridgewater looked reborn during the first three weeks of the season but returned to reality in the next two weeks. Besides Jerry Judy, they do not have a legitimate playmaker in their receiving group.

The Broncos could look for separate ways with Kyle Fuller at some point in the season and Dolphins would be happy to add the former All-Pro to the high school.

Parker’s trade could be in the interest of both teams if the Broncos also includes the venture capital.

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