Manufacture Detergent and Cleaning Products

Manufacture Detergent and Cleaning Products


Learn the secrets a cleaning and cleaning supplies manufacturer doesn’t want you to know… How to make detergents, cleaners, and chemical products at low, low prices and sell them with brands up to 500% off!

The major international producers of detergents, cleaners and chemical products are among the world’s wealthiest – and they are getting richer. Between a handful of them they monopolize a huge multi-billion dollar industry. Just think of BASF, Unilever, Dow Chemicals, and Shell Chemicals.

According to, worldwide chemical consumption in 2018 amounted to more than 3.45 trillion euros. Products worth more than €2 trillion of this amount were consumed in Asia, followed by Europe and North America (NAFTA), with €673 billion and €527 billion, respectively.

Altogether, that’s a staggering 4.1% of the economic activity for the entire world.

The manufacturing of detergents and chemical cleaning products is one of the most profitable industries in the world.

You are about to discover some of the industry’s most closely kept secrets – how you can easily manufacture a wide range of high quality household, commercial and industrial cleaners and chemical cleaning products.

In fact, with our formulations, you can make all of the most profitable cleaning products and cleaners – from dishwashing liquids, laundry detergents, window cleaners, heavy-duty degreasers, floor cleaners, carpet cleaners and much more – all from your home and garage, or wherever you choose, safely and easily, without No special equipment, and no knowledge of chemical science.

With 12 years of experience in the chemical industry, we have compiled 126 of the world’s best formulas for chemical and cleaning products for:

These are excellent books, one of a kind in a low-risk, high-profit industry, easy to get started with…and you won’t find this information anywhere else. Not on the Internet, in a library or in a bookstore!

These books are written in layman’s language and you can benefit from them right away.

Our books on manufacturing cleaning products and chemicals are the result of twelve years of experience in the chemical industry, assembling, manufacturing, and testing various formulations to produce only the highest quality products that can rival any other manufactured.

These are the same products used every day, all over the world, in all industries, homes, factories, offices, public buildings, hospitals, schools, and in fact, anywhere you can think of.

Just imagine what you are capable of, you have 126 formulas accumulated over many years of research and practice, with which you can immediately start producing and selling your cleaning products to friends, family and companies such as:

This unprecedented collection contains comprehensive product formulas, plus invaluable resources, information, and advice on branding, packaging, marketing, and more!

It’s easy to find free soap and carpet cleaning product recipes online, but you’ll never find anything quite like this collection of cleaning formulations and chemicals that took years of practice and experience and countless hours to put together, edit, and produce.

However, we have made it as easy as possible for you to start making money right away.

We sell the four books separately so you can start with a specific product group and buy the rest of the formulas later when you’re ready to grow your manufacturing business:

More information about built-in product variants is available on each product page.

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Here are some examples of products that you can manufacture and sell for huge profits, but at a lower price than the products available on supermarket or wholesaler shelves.

Our car care products are designed to replace all other products used in the car, bus, and truck cleaning industry, at a fraction of the cost of the products currently in use.

Most of the above products can also be made with antibacterial, or germicidal, antiseptic/disinfectant ingredients, as well as stronger, more multipurpose ingredients. All formulas are in the book.

These products are also designed to be formulated with antibacterial ingredients, for the safety of children and people with certain skin allergies.

All of the above products are still about a third of the formulas in the book, so, you see, if you, or someone else you know, needs a product, they’ll find it in the book.

All the raw materials that you need to start your own production are readily available from chemical suppliers all over the world.

If you purchase this book, we want you to succeed in your new business venture. So we’ve put together the book with these freebies to help you get started fast and make money right away.

Business Plan and Profile Template in MS Word where you just fill in the blanks, to help you get a head start by having a proper business plan.

Startup expense report template in Excel to help you determine startup costs.

Expense report template in Excel, where all your business expenses can be easily recorded and updated.

Customer management list template in Excel, where you keep complete records of all your customers.

Fixed asset register template in Excel with three types of depreciation formulas.

Checkbook register template in Excel where you can record all the checks, cash and electronic payments you make.

Mortgage amortization table template in Excel If you need to make a loan, you can specify the terms and repayments that you have to pay.

Car service history template in Excel, where you have a record of all your car expenses.

Costing and cash flow Excel template for defining costs, working out gross and net profit and displaying it in a monthly cash flow scenario.

12-month profit and loss projection Excel template to calculate and display net profit or loss on a monthly basis.

One-year sales forecast template in Excel to show your current sales forward 12 months.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If, within 60 days, you don’t make money from any of our formulas, you can request a 100% refund – no questions asked. We are not worried because we know that these books can make you rich if you make serious use of them.

So, the whole risk is on us. Order your copy of Department of Cleaning and Chemical Manufacturing today from Clickbank here and you can download it right away and start your new business

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