Here are ten clever (and I think very interesting) mockups.

Most of them are not mine. Most of them depend on the Internet. A couple of them work offline but they are all proven to work.

These small models are not just theory. In this post, I present them as “actual case studies” that show how the operators ran the model, the strategies they developed and the results they got.

Some are templates I’ve actually used myself, some have been used by my clients, some I’ve learned about from friends at work, and some have come across my desk in other weird and wonderful ways.

It’s not the normal kind of thing you see in the world of internet marketing – it’s clever, sometimes sneaky, usually amazingly simple and it all works.

These case studies cover everything from affiliate marketing to automated, hands-free (as far as possible) systems that only need maintenance once they’re built.

It’s complete, too—and while each model is just an overview, not a step-by-step on how it works, I cover each model end-to-end—from beak to tail.

Why are accurate models and case studies so important?

Personally, I’m good at dealing with ideas – I have a big idea book in which I constantly write down my ideas and trading ideas

I spend at least an hour a day thinking about my work and coming up with new ideas…

… However, I still get more ideas from the case studies and read what other people are doing!

There’s no getting around the fact that humans are too distracted to sit and think about the modern world – just try shutting down your phone and apps and letting your mind be free. It’s not easy.

But the easiest is to read and gain inspiration and insight from what other entrepreneurs are doing successfully.

By seeing this initial idea, it is then easy for us to see how a few small “tweaks” and changes can make it slide smoothly into our online business or activities.

Better than ever these models are proven to work, so we don’t have the same doubts we might have about our weird ideas.

Not only are the case studies invaluable to us as entrepreneurs, they are also quick, easy to follow, and highly sellable to our clients as well.

I have always loved case studies and saw the value in them which is why I am sharing these 10 examples today.

So what kind of models are these?

Model #3Â is a way to focus a particular income method into just a few days a month, on your own terms and to fit your schedule and lifestyle (this is one of my favorite methods in May)

Template #4Â is probably my preferred method because as a writer I understand that if you show me an unlimited amount of source content, I can make unlimited profit. This model is exactly that.

Form No. 9Â is something all of you have experienced as a consumer or customer and it’s simple and obvious. But wait until you see some tweaks you can make to this model (which very few internet marketers use) that can really increase your income.

Form No. 10Â is the final form. It’s short and sweet but deals with getting a quick injection of cash when you need it. This technology really needs to have some infrastructure in place to start with, but if you don’t have one yet, use one of the first 9 models and put the 10 into practice to see how powerful it is.

It is likely that any one of these studies will be the basis for your work

Personally, I think each of the mini-models is worth the price of this post alone, and if one of them becomes the basis of a micro-model income stream for your private equity, it becomes invaluable in terms of profit and lifestyle.

If you’ve been struggling for ideas, this might be the start you need

Case studies are all things to all people.

I’ve seen people replicate scale models just like this and never look back

I’ve also seen people who were inspired by case studies and expected them to completely replicate the model as well…

… But instead, they came back with a totally new and unique idea that to me didn’t look like the original, but inspired them so much and provided the ‘gold dust’ spark of an idea that got them started on a completely new business!

This is also the reason why I believe models like this will not saturate.

Many of them can be done in your local area or your own online domain.

And they can all be played with your individual role in the concept, so that the model you create from these ideas will be unique to you.

Even if you copy it completely, I think some of these small business models are so different that very few people will run them compared to “normal” small business models.

Whether you’re looking for a steady income stream, a new business model, or anything in between…

I can’t tell you these little models will change your life.

But I can tell you that once you’ve read this post, your mind will be open a little wider, to possibilities you didn’t even realize were out there.

These aren’t magic spells—there is work required to turn them into “profitable endeavors,” but that’s exactly what everyone in these case studies did.

And there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same… Â

Ten smart and proven mini models

(You can repeat or adapt it)

Or use as inspiration/structure for your own model or business…

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