Names aside, soccer and football share more similarities than you might imagine

Photo by Joe Calomini of Pexels.

On the surface, American football is like rugby: the balls are oval in shape, players throw them around, and huge hits are an integral part of the action. Soccer, by comparison, involves a lot of rolling on the ground after minimal contact. Then there are the rules that separate the two worlds.

Yes, two of the world’s biggest sports seem to be completely different. However, they are more closely related than most people realize.

money printing

The United States’ approach to sports is well known for its ability to generate profits. Football has taken a while to catch up, but statistics show it is now at a similar level for all American sports brands, including the NFL. Franchises may outperform clubs in terms of ranking, but the prevalence of each organization is similar.

For example, the Dallas Cowboys are the richest sports team in the world in 2021, according to the annual Forbes list. Barcelona, ​​the closest football club, ranks fourth. However, the number of NFL teams and European teams in the top ten is the same. There are three representatives for both organizations and the National Football League strays away from its European cousin in the top 20 from eight to six.

Most telling, the valuations are at least $4.21 billion. America may have started this trend, but Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Bayern Munich were not far behind.

Predicted winners

There is a consistency between the top teams that make the most money: they tend to win. Now, no one can complain that work is boring. Take the English Premier League, for example, where a small team without money can outsmart the historic giants. However, it does mean that there are always a select few teams in contention.

Using the example of the English Football League again, Manchester City have won three out of four titles in the Premier League. So, it’s easy to see why the Premier League betting markets are currently pricing Citizens as their top 10 potential odds this season. Pep Guardiola’s team is also a joint candidate for the UEFA Champions League at +400.

History books highlight that the NFL is not much different. The Tampa Bay Pirates were dark horses during the last campaign, although there were the likes of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. However, the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots have appeared in the last five Super Bowls, with the +550 Chiefs remaining the preferred term.

Overlapping consumer rules

They don’t shop together. The strange thing is that both organizations are targeting the other side’s base, and that is because they are excellent value for money in terms of viewership.

We don’t need to talk about the Champions League and the English Premier League in the US too much because the connection is already very strong. What’s great is how American football has moved to Europe, especially the UK. By the end of October, 30 NFL games will be played in England as part of the NFL International Series.

– Over 4 million UK fans watched or listened to Super Bowl LV – Average viewership for the entire match was over 1 million – Most of them watched the UK Super Bowl for over 30 years Thank you, NFL UK fans! 🏈

Not only did about a million people attend in person, but the number of viewers for the NFL games in the UK is well over 13 million, which means that the NFL fever has taken root well and truly. If anything, it will only get stronger over time. Although they look different on the surface, soccer and American football share many similarities, so don’t be surprised if you see more across the pond in the future.

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