Odds Crusher

Odds Crusher


I’m going to skip the long-winded explanations and get to the undeniably cold and hard evidence…

If you’ve been betting seriously for any length of time and didn’t realize The Odds is the most important piece of running info, then you need to read every word on this page!

My dear friend and aspiring stalker

Everyone knows: bigger odds = less chance of winning but bigger payday when you win.

That’s what Odds Crusher is all about…

That’s exactly what the Odds Breaker method does!

I collect and track the prices of the “horses of interest” running that day across several bookies to give me what I call the True Value Index (TVI) of a given horse in any given race.

Then I use TVI in my calculations along with other selection information to come up with my daily picks.

My odds crusher method is now…

Beat the bookies at their own game!!

Ever since I made my first £1,000 win years ago I’ve been remembering the bookmakers ‘game’, or at least how some of them play!

Closing accounts, limited bets, holding on to your winnings you’ve been through it all!

If there is one thing I can advise you to do, it is not to accept a deposit bonus or whatever you want to call it.

These things have more strings attached to them than an orchestra.

My accounts have been closed in the past and left broken which is why at the end of each month I withdraw my funds. Then I use another bookmaker for the next month.

This keeps me under the bookmakers’ radar. : 0)

I use a bookie max once a quarter so I need 4 bookies to cover me over the year, every year I start with a different bookie.

To avoid the bookies hitting that, we not only beat them, we actually give them good masking with TVI [True Value Indicator] This is how I do it.

Follow My Odds Crusher Method Every Day Then Withdraw Your Earnings At The End Of The Month…

Place bets every day and I tell you to settle the bets and at the end of the month withdraw your money…

Then repeat… After using the fourth bookie, go back to bookie number. 1 in your rotation.

This will avoid you getting emails from bookies like this one you got a few years ago…

With a low of £370.75 and a high of £5,145.53 a month does not end in a loss!!

A few years ago, a friend of mine had financial problems, financial problems in the fact that he lost his job and is struggling to find another job. He came to me as a last resort, he wasn’t much of a bettor but he knew I hadn’t worked in years but still lived comfortably.

Now I’m not going to insult you and pretend I have money sticking out my ass and you’ll be happy to know that “I’m not going to show you any pictures of any god damn god!”

“I still haven’t met a guy who supports horses and owns a yacht!”

I bet there aren’t many, but seeing how many websites are being sent to my inbox saying this is possible is beyond me.

There seems to be a lot of missing things as people promise big winners, huge monthly profits, and of course a yacht or two…

“Then the first bet you get is the Favourite’s Odds!!” They will shout from the rooftops for win after win when a few odds roll on the shots, but remain silent like a mouse pissing on cotton when the next 1 or 2 loses their entire winnings.

This is not the place for a part time “winner and winner” gambler! The odds crusher method is about finding bets of value

If we can’t triple our initial stake, we’re not interested, and that’s how the Odds Crusher method works.

As you’ve already seen, 12 months and not a single losing month, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t had to put up with some bad impressions.

Days happen without winners, but back 3-4 picks per day, £75 to £100 and lost is made up when on day 4 you get a 1/10 bet and a 1/6 bet and immediately turn the losing spin into a win, only to follow it up with Winners for the next three days in a row!

What I’m trying to say is, follow me for a whole month and you win!

Give up after a few days, a week, or once the first bad run happens and you’ll not only lose with me, you’ll probably lose with every service you join.

I’m going to give you 3 reasons and if you don’t like any of them, you shouldn’t join me today…

1) I haven’t had a losing month in the past 8 months. 2) I’ll give you 6 months of access for less than £25! 3) If you want to get paid by the bookie on a regular basis, this will be the best £24.95 you’ll ever spend! ”

Just £24.95 gets you access to the service for the next 6 months with a full 60 day money back guarantee

I look forward to welcoming you aboard, may the odds be in your favor forever.

tom@oddscrusher.co.uk (just email me with any queries)

I’ve had a few questions about the service from the kicks community. I’ve combined it with the responses below:

Question: What bank will I need? Answer: It really depends on your personal situation and what you can bet on. We highly recommend starting with a £500 / 20 point bank, but start with what you feel comfortable with.

Question What is your minimum odds? Answer: The minimum odds are 2/1 [we never tip odds on shots] The maximum odds can be anything up to 2 50/1 it all depends on the particular day.

Question: How many choices do you make each day? Answer: An average of 3-5 choices per day is normal, but there are times when I choose more. It all depends on the circumstances of that particular day.

Question: When is your advice sent? Answer: I submit my advice and picks daily between 9 – 10am 7 days a week Monday-Sunday. On some occasions I will send the night before so we can all secure early rates. Question: What level of experience do I need to get started? Answer: Not much, if you can open a few betting accounts and place a bet, that’s almost all you need. Infact it’s better if you don’t have a lot of experience, because you haven’t picked up bad habits. If this is your first attempt at riding, just email me and I can talk you through the step by step of exactly what you need to do.

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