Psychic Love Report

Psychic Love Report


The Universe gives each of us a different path to walk. When it comes to finding love, your
Psychic Love Report acts as a map – helping guide you straight into the warm and welcoming arms of your soulmate.

Included in Every Psychic Love Report™:

In-Depth Psychic Soulmate Reading

Extended Star Sign Compatibility Report

Love Tarot Reading (3 Card Spread)

Empath-Channeled Love Advice

3 Month Horoscope Love Forecast

Angel Number Guidance & Love Numerology Review

Unlucky in love? Want to find your soulmate? Or need to revive a tired
relationship? Let us act as your Spirit Guides & walk you step-by-step into your dream
relationship.Your Psychic Love Report is as Unique as you are. Let it bring you the answers you
seek. Request your report now:

Is uniquely personalized just for you, based on your
specific love life circumstances, star sign & birth chart!

Consults 5 different specialist psychics for each specific
astrological element which influences the flow of love into your life

Contains countless powerful psychic insights which will
resonate with you to your core

Takes just 24-48 hours for our psychics to complete (based on demand)

Requires only your name, date of birth & location – so we can calculate your star sign
& birth chart to help guide our Psychics

Will uncover answers to your most deeply held questions SPECIFICALLY about your Love Life

Is the only report of its kind which consults 5 specialist

Is backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee – either
you LOVE what you learn in your report, or you get your money back!

Will provide you will step-by-step guidance to getting your love life back on track so you can complete your journey & find your soulmate!

Every single Psychic Love Report is produced by our expert psychics and personalized exactly
to your needs. Just as each of us are unique souls walking our own paths, no two Psychic Love Reports are the

In this module, you’ll discover everything there is to know about your
soulmate, including a deep character and profile reading.With this knowledge by your side,
you’ll be able to evaluate whether or not a potential ‘fling’ is worth spending your time
dating.Likewise, if you’re already in a relationship, you can use the information to answer
important questions – like, “does this person have the potential to be my soulmate?”

In this module, you’ll find out which Star Signs you’re most compatible
with and the Star Signs you should probably avoid…You’ll also uncover specific details about
how other Star Signs will influence you in areas of Love, Money, Intimacy and Family/Parenting.Star
Sign compatibility is an important ingredient for all Soulmates, and in this module, you’ll uncover
everything you need to know.

For this module, we’ve invited in our resident Tarot specialist to draw 3
cards from the deck and complete a Love Tarot Reading just for you!This psychic tarot card reading
will bring self-reflection and balance to your Psychic Love Report.Tarot readings are an important
tool for finding answers held within ourselves, which when it comes to the topic of Love can be deeply
hidden within our hearts.

Birth Charts act as a navigational map for Astrologers, plotting the key
influences that’ll impact the trajectory of our lives from the moment we’re born.Our
resident Astrologer will dig deep into your birth chart, highlighting elements and interaction that will
influence your love life.For anyone who has experienced repeated rejection or is particularly
anxious about trusting new partners, this module is essential!

Have you ever been left wondering why? Why a relationship fizzled out, or what
potential suiters might think of you?Was it something you did? Or something out of your control?
In the Empath-Channeled Love Advice Module, you’ll get in-depth advice from our Specialist Love
Psychic & Empath.One client recently referred to this module as the “key which unlocked the
heart of my soulmate”, and hundreds of others have claimed this module alone was responsible for them
finally finding true love.

New for 2022!On top of all the deep personal insights you receive in this
report, the newly added Three Month Horoscope Love Forecast gives you a powerful glimpse into what your
future holds.This Love Horoscope will explore key dates and events which will impact your love life
over the coming weeks and months – and any particular things you need to be aware of…

No matter what your goals, desires, or higher spiritual purpose may be, your
Guardian Angel will help guide and support you – especially when it comes to love.In this module,
our resident Angel Reader will make contact with your guide to produce an Angel Reading specifically about
the role of love in your life.These Angel readings are particularly deep, and known for the
impactful insights which they reveal.

When unexpected things pop up in our lives, or when we feel lonely or rejected, it
can be easy to get stressed out.This bonus module of Personalized Love Affirmations includes 100
powerful affirmations written by a trained psycho-spiritualist.Simply saying these affirmations out
loud will help you bounce back when feeling low – and invite increased amounts of love & positivity into
your life.

Unlucky in love? Want to find your soulmate? Or need to revive a tired
relationship? Let us act as your Spirit Guides & walk you step-by-step into your dream
relationship.Your Psychic Love Report is as Unique as you are. Let it bring you the answers you
seek. Request your report now:

Hello there, sacred soul!To see that you are interested in the Psychic Love
Report truly warms my heart.‍If you are the type of person who wants to meet their soulmate as
quickly as possible, the Psychic Love Report is for you!‍As a team here, we thrive in helping
people uncover and remove the “love blocks” which hold them back from meeting their truest soulmate
love.It’s exactly WHY we made The Psychic Love Report: to help people just like you
find love and live the lives of abundance that you have always desired.We are Occania™ Psychics, a group
of expert professional psychics with more than 200 years of combined experience in psychic services (Yes, an
average of 40 years each!).After many decades helping people find love, we realized that there was great
need for a product like our Psychic Love Report.So we teamed up to bring together our different
disciplines and combine them into one single Psychic Report, detailing all areas of Love.the Psychic
Love Report has been a HIT product, not only for us, but for our clients as well!So far, we’ve helped
1,000s of clients discover what true love really feels like, and we’re confident we can help YOU
TOO!The Psychic Love Report gives you deep and personal insights from all
key spiritual sources: including a tarot cards, psychics, empath guidance and even an Angel
Reading.The Psychic Love Report leaves no stone left unturned, which is why thousands
of clients swear by our service!We’ve even had the pleasure to help guide several billionaires and
world-famous celebrities navigate the choppy waters of love, and turn them into soothing tides of calm &
affection.Every single one of our Psychic Love Reports is uniquely tailored to the uniqueness of our
clients! This is why we only take on a limited number of clients each day – we can only produce 5-10 new Psychic
Love Reports per day!So if you can still see the “Order Now” button on this page, you’ve been gifted by
Divine Lady Luck, as it means we’re still taking on clients!Our decades of combined experience makes us
the perfect guide for anyone looking to discover answers to Love’s hardest questions. Let us comb your soul and
uncover the answers you seek.You can see the results for yourself – just check the screenshots on this
page, showing the dozens of kind comments and testimonials our customers have left for us!All my
love,Janice Empath

Unlucky in love? Want to find your soulmate? Or need to revive a tired relationship?
Let us act as your Spirit Guides & walk you step-by-step into your dream relationship.Your Psychic
Love Report is as Unique as you are. Let it bring you the answers you seek. Request your report now:

How long does the report
take?Naturally, as 5 different psychics will be consulted on your behalf, it does
take a little time to put together your Psychic Love Report.Once our psychics have received your order,
it will take 24-48 hours to produce your report depending on demand. During peak periods it can take up to 72
hours to complete a report, however we will keep you updated of the status of your order.What information do I need to
provide?Your Psychic Love Report is based on two key astrological data points: your
Star Sign and your Birth Chart. For these crucial piece of data to be generated, we will need your name,
birthday & location. Although our psychics are able to give “blind readings”, your Psychic
Love Report will contain far more powerful insights if our psychics can study your Astrological Birth Chart
first.Who will conduct my
report?All 5 of our in-house psychics will be consulted for your Psychic Love
Report. Tara, Kim Starr, Janice, Estelle and Naviid will each add their own personal touches – and individual
expertise – to your uniquely personal report. As far as we’re aware, this is the only Psychic
Report of its kind, and Occania Psychics are proud to be able to offer the opinions and expertise of multiple
psychics in a single in-depth reading.‍What
will I learn from my report?Each and every Psychic Love Report is personalized to
the unique needs of each individual client. What you will learn from your report is individual to you,
and your uniquely personal circumstances.With that said, you should expect to receive deeply personal
insights about your love life, including but not limited to: how to attract love into your life, details about
your soulmate, what is holding your back from the life of love you desire and the steps you need to take to be
happier and more content in love.The Psychic Love Report covers all aspects of how Astrology &
Universal Energy impact your love life, giving you the insights and knowledge you need to overcome the negative
energy blocks holding you back from Abundant Love.What if I’m not satisfied?We’re confident you will be
satisfied with your Psychic Love Report, as we spend many hours producing a report that is jam-packed with
powerful insights.However, if we get something wrong and you are unhappy with your report, we will
refund your money – or produce a new report for you – whichever you choose. Client satisfied is of the
utmost importance to us. Helping people find love and happiness in their lives is the very reason we do this
work. So if you are not happy with your report, then we are not happy either!Do you have customer
support?Yes, of course! Feel free to contact us any time by emailing or by messaging us through the message centre after logging in to your Members
Area.I want to find love and can’t
think of any reason not to get a Psychic Love Report – is there something I’m
missing?Nope, absolutely not. Allowing our professional psychics to enhance your
love life energy with a Psychic Love Report is a total no-brainer 🙂

Unlucky in love? Want to find your soulmate? Or need to revive a tired relationship?
Let us act as your Spirit Guides & walk you step-by-step into your dream relationship.Your Psychic
Love Report is as Unique as you are. Let it bring you the answers you seek. Request your report now:

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