Ranking the ten greatest World Series of all-time

The Chicago Cubs won one of the best world championships ever. Photo from SB Nation.

With over 100 of them in all, it’s not easy to pick the best world championship ever. Every fan may have their favourite, but the problem with fans is that they aren’t always objective.

That’s why it’s not always easy to come to a consensus on a great World Championship to watch from a fan’s point of view.

Of course, the best world championship ever will have at least one defining moment that sets it apart from the rest. But it must be more than one moment; It should also include some of the greatest playoffs in MLB history. It also helps when a series goes six or seven matches and can easily go either way.

Best world championship ever

These are some of the factors we took into account when considering the greatest world championship to watch, just in case fans want to turn back the watch and watch a classic world championship.

Obviously, if your favorite team loses a classic world championship, you might not feel the same way. But these are our picks for the best world championship ever.

10. The Senator Against the Giants, 1924

You have to turn the clock back to black and white in this world championship, but it really was one of the best games ever. If you include the directors, 13 Hall of Famers have participated in the series, and that does not include the two Hall of Fame judges who participated.

This series went in all seven games with four of those games selected in one round.

Things started off in an exciting fashion with the Giants winning 4-3 in 12 rounds in the first match. The Giants eventually led the series 3-2, only for the Senators to win games 6 and 7. Walter Johnson of Washington was the loser bowler in games 1 and 5 but was out of the field for four goalless rounds in game 7, which also went 12 a tour. At age 36, he ended up as the winning bowler in Game 7 after the Senators scored a run in the bottom 12 to win the series.

9. Yankees vs. Dodgers, 1956

The series took place in a different era where the Yankees had full games right from the start in five games in a row, including the perfect Don Larsen in Game 5.

The Dodgers responded to that perfect game by winning Game 6 in additional innings to force Game 7. Up until that point, the home team had won every game.

But the Yankees broke that trend in Game 7, going to Ebbets Field and getting two home runs from Yogi Berra and winning the decisive match 9-0.

8. Yankees vs. Diamondbacks, 2001

This series featured the home team winning every game with the Yankees winning games 3, 4, and 5 in one inning with two of the games going into additional rounds.

But the Diamondbacks would flip the scenario, winning Game 6 15-2 to force Game 7.

In Game 7, the combination of Kurt Schilling and Randy Johnson kept the Yankees at bay, giving Arizona a chance to create the most likely endings. After Mariano Rivera hit the side in the eighth inning, the Diamondbacks got through when Luis Gonzalez fouled to reclaim the win in stunning fashion.

7. Red Sox vs. Giants, 1912

This series was so long ago that Game 2 was allowed to end in a draw. This means that the series has also gone into eight games.

The Giants fell 3-1 but won games 6 and 7 to tie the series and force a decisive 8 game. But New York’s on-field errors got the best of them.

Game 8 went into additional innings with the Giants scoring in the top half of the inning. The offending ball could have finished but the Giants failed to play, extending the game and allowing the Red Sox to score twice to win it.

6. Pirates vs Yankees, 1960

This streak was somewhat unusual because when the Yankees won, Pittsburgh won by 38-3 in their three wins.

Meanwhile, the Buccaneers have mostly won close games, which is why Yankees’ Bobby Richardson won MVP despite his team losing to the series.

Of course, the real MVP was Bill Mazeroski, who pulled off a home run in Game 7 to win the Pirates Series. This is still the only Homer 7 game in the history of the World Championships.

5. Rangers vs Cardinals 2011

The series began with a pair of one-off games that the Rangers and Cardinals split and ended with David Freese playing an unexpected hero.

Rangers were in a perfect position to take the series until Frieze hit a triple-tie at the bottom of the ninth place. Even the Texans scored two runs at the top of the 10th place, only the cards to match. Frieze then hit Homer in the bottom of the 11 to force a game of 7.

Despite dropping 2-0 at the top of the first, St. Louis cared about the business in Game 7, winning 6-2 to take the series.

4. Indians vs Cubs, 2016

Years from now, there’s a good chance this story will still be one of the best stories ever. Remember, the Cubs were dealing with an epic tournament drought and fell 3-1 in the series.

They had a win in game 5 at home and then sprinted to victory in game 6.

Then came Game 7 madness with Cleveland wiping out a 5-2 deficit to force additional innings.

Don’t forget that there was a delay in rain after the ninth inning, which added to the drama. After the Cubs scored two runs at the top of the 10th place, Cleveland rebounded once and leveled on base before the Cubs switched court, prompting Mike Montgomery to take out the final and eventually win the title.

3. Red Sox vs Mets, 1986

6 game alone makes this one of the best world championships ever.

The Red Sox was only one away from ending the series, close enough to savor it.

It was also close enough that the clubhouse is lined with plastic in anticipation of the champagne celebration. But the Mets kept stringing the hits together and then tying the match into wild ground before famous Mookie Wilson drum beat Bill Buckner to give the Mets Game 6. But what most people forget is that Game 7 had to be postponed daily due to rain. The Red Sox then took an early 3-0 lead, regaining control of the series after a disastrous finish in Game 6. However, the Mets scored three in sixth, three in seventh, and two in eighth to finish the match. Red Sox in seven games.

2. Red Sox vs Reds, 1975

Most people remember the series in the main Carlton Fisk Game 6, but the series was so much more than that. Five of the seven matches were decided by only one round, including the sixth and seventh matches.

Cincinnati nearly went 2-0 down but rallied to the top of the ninth of Game 2 to equalize the series.

The Red Sox then rushed to a Match 3 tie at the top of the ninth place, but lost the match in 10 runs. Of course, after Fisk won Game 6 and given the Red Sox the momentum heading into Game 7, Boston let loose a 3-0 lead. In the end, Joe Morgan took the hit that put the Reds up 4-3 for a ninth-place lead in Game 7 to prevent Boston from taking the series despite Fisk’s heroics.

1. Twins vs Braves, 1991

With all due respect to the rest, this was the best World Championship ever.

Oddly enough, the home team won all seven matches, but that did not reduce the excitement as all but one of the matches were decided by two rounds or less.

After losing 2-0 in the series, the Braves needed 12 rounds to win Game 3 at home and survive. Atlanta then grabbed a 5 14-5 game to take a 3-2 lead in the series and bring all the momentum back to Minnesota.

But the twins fought back, winning a 6 in 11 home game by Kirby Puckett which is one of the most famous home games in playoff history. In Game 7, Jack Morris gave one of the greatest promotions ever, throwing 10 innings without a hitch until the twins finally managed to win the game and the series.

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