Redlands mayor Karen Williams meets backlash upon return to council chambers

Redlands mayor Karen Williams has been met with scrutiny and protests after attending her first council meeting since pleading guilty to drink driving.

The mayor of the Queensland region just north of Brisbane has been under pressure to resign from residents after crashing into a tree while three times the legal alcohol limit in June, just an hour after addressing families of drunk driving victims in a zoom call.
Williams was entitled to 80 hours of community service and had her license suspended during the court case two weeks ago.
Ratepayers holding protest signs outside Redlands City Council Chambers. (Nine)

Ratepayers waited at the door of the council chambers as Williams made her return.

Shouts of “get Karen out” were heard.

“We don’t stand behind her, the way she clearly doesn’t stand behind us,” resident Debbie Reynolds said.

9News understands a majority of Redlands City councillors no longer support the mayor.

Councillor Paul Bishop said ‘it’s a testing time’ for the council. (Nine)

“It’s sickening – there’s no other word for it – the whole meeting is quite vile,” Councillor Adelia Berridge said.

“The community doesn’t want her. The majority of councillors have said they don’t want her.

“It’s time to stand down.”

But others have come to Williams’ defence.

Karen Williams has maintained she will not be resigning as mayor. (Nine)

“We had a beautiful hug when she came back. It was lovely,” Councillor Tracey Hughes said.

Councillor Paul Bishop said “it’s a testing time. I think that’s all I can say at this point.”

Councillor r Wendy Bolgary added “whether we’re in an untenable situation or not, I’m honored to be here. It’s one person’s actions only.”

At the start of the meeting, Williams apologised for her actions and the consequences felt by fellow councillors.

The mayor has maintained she will not be stepping down over the incident.