Some children’s pain relievers in short supply, say 2 Ontario hospitals

TORONTO — Two Ontario pediatric hospitals say they’re facing shortages of common pain relievers amid supply disruptions in some parts of the country.

Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children and Ottawa’s CHEO say they’re taking steps to maintain supplies of liquid Tylenol and Advil for patients who are admitted, and are helping find solutions for children who are discharged.

In a memorandum addressed to caregivers earlier this week, SickKids said health workers would provide prescriptions for the liquid form of acetaminophen, which is known by the brand name Tylenol.

A spokeswoman for the Toronto hospital says while some retailers may have these over-the-counter drugs in stock, other pharmacies may only have large bottles that need to be dispensed by a pharmacist.

A CHEO spokesperson says in an email that the hospital was encouraging parents to ask about alternatives for fever and pain management.

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A spokesman for Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada, an industry group of which Tylenol’s manufacturer is a member, says there are “pockets” of Canada where shortages have happened, but if you can’t find a product at one pharmacy, it’s likely available at another location.

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