Bill Gates’ TerraPower builds its first nuclear reactor in a coal town

Kemerer, Wyoming, is a frontier coal town. It was organized in 1897 by coal miners and is still used by people in the coal and natural gas industries today. Image courtesy TerraPower TerraPower, a startup co-founded by Bill Gates to revolutionize nuclear reactor designs, has chosen Kemerer, Wyoming, as the preferred location for its first … Read more

Warren Buffett has been selling into this stock market rally for the past one year

Warren Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting in Los Angeles, California. May 1, 2021. Gerard Miller The filings showed that Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has been a net seller of the shares for the past four quarters in a row, with the legendary value investor seeing few trades among the higher stocks. .

Why more iconic companies like GE and J&J may be about to get smaller

As famous companies including GE and Johnson & Johnson pursue breakup plans, the “sum of parts if greater than whole” argument is to get new training from the market. Nicodemus | E + | Getty Images Everywhere you look in the market, across sectors, famous companies are under pressure from activists to break up, or … Read more

Rackspace Technology, Axon Enterprise, Royalty Pharma and more

Take a look at some of the biggest drivers of Primarkt: Rackspace Technology (RCT) – Rackspace beat estimates by a penny per share, with quarterly earnings of 25 cents per share. The cloud computing company’s revenue also exceeded Wall Street expectations. This was the eighth consecutive quarter of revenue growth for Rackspace, and the company … Read more

Here are Warren Buffett's latest stock bets, including a flooring stock and pharma name

The legendary investor built a $475 million stake in Royalty Pharma, and owned more than 13,000 shares at the end of September. .

Kevin O’Leary on a costly mistake too many family businesses make

Christopher Willard | Disney general entertainment content | Getty Images Some value companies like Hermes prove that there is brand value in keeping the company under family control. Others prove that a family connection can help restore trust in a damaged brand – Toyota after the unintended acceleration crisis in 2010 is a case in … Read more