How these entrepreneurs reinvented themselves

Jennifer Sutton, a photographer with her children, quit her job this year to open Guest Haus Juicery & Matcha Bar in Park City, Utah. Courtesy: Jennifer Sutton Jennifer Sutton on fire. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the 37-year-old advertising executive suddenly found herself navigating between work and remote education for her two young children. Even … Read more

A 4-day workweek could help remedy employee burnout, workers say

Half point pictures | moment | Getty Images More than a year and a half after the Covid-19 pandemic, many American workers are overwhelmed. Treatment may be in a four-day work week, according to a survey by Eagle Hill Consulting. Of those US employees surveyed, 53% said they experienced burnout, with women and younger workers … Read more

Great Resignation can be an opportunity to transition to a new career

MoMo Productions | Getty Images When the Covid-19 pandemic first broke out last year, Janelle Abrahami quit the job she had been working for less than a year – with nothing else. For many, such a move may seem risky. She said the decision left Abrahamy, who lives in the New York metro area, looking … Read more

Tax strategy of the rich, backdoor Roth survives in latest Democrat plan

Bill Koblitz | moment | Getty Images The retirement tax strategy favored by the wealthy has survived in the Democrats’ latest Social and Climate Expenditure Plan, after an earlier version of it was in severance. So-called Roth back-end strategies are a way for the wealthy to avoid the income and savings limits that apply to … Read more