Gold set to rally in coming months, experts say. Key level to watch

The gold hot streak is still in its infancy, say the managers behind two of the market’s largest ETFs backed by the precious metal. Bullion wrapped up its best week since May on Friday as investors bought into it to hedge against rising inflation numbers, the latest of which was the more than 30-year record … Read more

Leading gold authorities on inflation hedge battle

Is Bitcoin the new gold? Not according to two of the world’s leading gold bodies, but the rise of cryptocurrency is a phenomenon they can’t help but acknowledge. Bitcoin has significantly outperformed gold for the year so far, with the digital currency up nearly 133% and the yellow metal down about 4%. The difference calls … Read more

Bitcoin bull Mark Yusko sees trouble at $60,000, says it’s overbought

Bitcoin bull is under watch. Mark Yusko, a hedge fund manager, believes that investors will profit from the sharp rise in the cryptocurrency over the past few weeks. “There are a lot of people who think we can hit $100,000 by the end of the year. The stock-flow model says we should,” Morgan Creek Capital … Read more