LendingClub surged in the past year. Its CEO sees ‘sustained growth’

Scott Sanborn, CEO of LendingClub Ari Levy | CNBC LendingClub has been left to die. Shares of the leading fintech company have been in the doldrums for years after co-founder Renaud Laplanche was ousted in 2016, trading at less than $5 a share in July 2020. But LendingClub, which offers online personal loans so users … Read more

Upgrade jumps 83% in valuation to $6.28 billion after just four months

Promotion CEO Renault LaBlanche speaks at a conference in Brooklyn, New York, in 2018. Alex Flynn | Bloomberg via Getty Images CNBC has learned that Upgrade, a fintech startup that turns credit card balances into installment loans, has closed a fundraising round valued at $6.28 billion. The company raised $280 million in its F Series … Read more