Former Stockton mayor Michael Tubbs on why he wants to end poverty

Michael Tubbs, former mayor of Stockton, California. Nick Otto | AFP | Getty Images Michael Tubbs faced the odds against him while growing up in Stockton, California, as the son of a young single mother and an incarcerated father. Tubbs, 31, felt the expectations for his life as a black man in America were either … Read more

Inflation, Medicare, taxes will affect Social Security income in 2022

Medicare Part B Premiums While the cost of living adjustment typically goes up each year, the Medicare Part B premiums that older Americans pay for physician and outpatient services. In 2022, the premium for Standard Medicare Part B will rise to $170.10, well above $158.50. The record increase of 14.5% was driven by multiple factors, … Read more

How NBA star Antoine Walker bounced back from bankruptcy

Antoine Walker, former NBA professional player Shareif Ziyadat | Getty Images In 2008, at the end of his 13-year football career, Antoine Walker raised $108 million. Two years later, he had nothing. “I entered the league at the age of nineteen,” he said. “I came from humble beginnings, so I wasn’t used to having money … Read more

The unemployment rate among military spouses spiked during Covid

Iris Collis, here with her husband, a retired Navy intelligence chief, and four children. Source: Iris Collis “When I met my husband, I didn’t realize that being a military wife meant I wouldn’t be able to pursue my career,” said Iris Collis, 46. But with four children and five transfers over a decade, Collis, who … Read more

Great Resignation can be an opportunity to transition to a new career

MoMo Productions | Getty Images When the Covid-19 pandemic first broke out last year, Janelle Abrahami quit the job she had been working for less than a year – with nothing else. For many, such a move may seem risky. She said the decision left Abrahamy, who lives in the New York metro area, looking … Read more

Where to get the best rates on your savings amid rising inflation

Consumers will likely suffer from poster shock as new government data shows annual inflation is rising at the fastest pace in more than 30 years. So-called general inflation, including food and energy prices, rose at an annual rate of 4.4% in September, the fastest since 1991. With prices likely to remain high here for now … Read more

Inflation notches a fresh 30-year high as measured by the Fed’s favorite gauge

The Commerce Department reported Friday that annual inflation rose at its fastest pace in more than 30 years during September despite a decline in personal income. Core price pressures as measured by the PCE price index including food and energy increased 0.3% for the month, pushing annual gains to 4.4%. This is the fastest pace … Read more

What a new plan in Congress would mean for benefits

zimetos | iStock | Getty Images House Democrats are reintroducing a Social Security reform bill popular with their party. This time, it features some changes aimed at attracting more support from Republicans. The bill, known as Social Security Act 2100, was introduced by Representative John Larson, Democrat of Connection, chair of the House Social Security … Read more