Why ‘stay interviews’ are the next big trend of the Great Resignation

Companies were on a hiring spree during the Great Resignation of 2021, as many ditched signing bonuses, lowering their standard qualifications, taking advantage of boomerang employees, and taking a closer look at “enthusiastic residents.” As retention efforts heat up, you’ll likely hear more about the “survival interview.” Think of it as the opposite of an … Read more

Want to sound more confident? Avoid these 11 words and phrases that make you look weak

In such a competitive world, the last thing you have to do is to undermine yourself. But it’s what many of us do when we communicate in ways that make us appear less confident, less determined, and less confident in ourselves. But there is an effective solution: replace weak words and phrases with words that … Read more

Great Resignation can be an opportunity to transition to a new career

MoMo Productions | Getty Images When the Covid-19 pandemic first broke out last year, Janelle Abrahami quit the job she had been working for less than a year – with nothing else. For many, such a move may seem risky. She said the decision left Abrahamy, who lives in the New York metro area, looking … Read more