The Draw Formula

The Draw Formula


End of Season… May 8th (Premier League) & May 28th (Permian League)

I don’t know how you found your way to my website and I’ll be honest I really don’t care.

But the good news for you is that you did, and even if you don’t know a single thing about soccer or betting, I can show you how you can make money!

All you have to do is follow the simple instructions and just copy what I do!

It really couldn’t be easier.

Do you know why people lose betting on football?

My name is Sam Stevens and I’ll tell you why.

They think they know who will win the game, or worse 5 games.

You know what they don’t always explain? The drawing!

Last season I put my formula to the test.

Small bets of £10 to start with and during the first month of the season I was looking to win £500.

By the end of the season, she had earned £16,935.

We now bet £10 on every draw, but also £10 on the multipliers, meaning we can see huge wins when we hit 2, 3 or 4 correct outcomes.

It’s very simple. £10 per draw means if we get one correct we see a payout, and if we get more than one hit correct we see multiple payouts.

Simply copy my bets during the 2022/23 football season and get over £16,000 by May!

We have already earned £14,287 as of 18th February 2023

Why did you focus on the lottery?

basic. It is the most profitable bet on the football game that does not involve exotic markets, the AAA or supporting the underdogs to win.

Look at the odds for the opening weekend.

Average odds (low/high)

Premier League 3.53 (Low 3.1 – High 5.0) Championship 3.48 (Low 3.2 – High 4.5) League One 3.23 (Low 3.1 – High 3.4) League Two 3.33 (Low 3.2 – High 3.6)

There is not a single bet with less than 3.1 odds.

So £10 on the equivalent of £31 minimum profit, up to £50 on the highest odds.

But the formula offers more than that…

Every weekend I choose 4 matches that I think are most likely to end in a draw from the Premier League, Championship and League One. This gives me a lot of actions to choose from.

I endorse these bets as Lucky 15 i.e. 15 bets covering singles, evens, triples and 4x but just look what this type of bet can return, even when it’s not perfect…

and a whopping £4,054.98 in profit

These are the exact features that make my withdrawal formula service so profitable.

We start with just 5 weeks worth of bets. At £10 starting at £10 and expenses of £150 per week, that’s £750 junior bank.

We place limited bets every weekend but the method means we are backed with high odds, especially for football. Possibilities like the ones I showed above.

A £750 bank turned into £16,900 in just 10 months.

Is it possible to choose the draws all the time?

I’m not suggesting my formula is perfect but it does a great job of finding more than it doesn’t. You should expect more than 50% of the suggested games to be a draw.

I’m not convinced, just look at last season’s tie count…

I bet in all three of those leagues, which gives us over 370 draws all season to look through.

Now my formula is not for sale.

But my results, bets that made me £16,935 last season, actually made £14,287 this season, the same thing you need to make the same profit over the rest of 2023 are…

Introductory Offer Join now and pay just £33

Pay just £33 for the rest of the 2022/23 season.

That’s every bet, every weekend, of all three tournaments my draw formula produces.

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Draw formula selections are sent out the Friday evening before the weekend takes place, so make sure you sign up for the first email before then. This will enable you to get the best prices on the selections.

* If a Friday evening game is used for weekend picks, you will receive the email as early as Thursday evening (but may be sent at lunchtime on Friday). Friday evening games are rarely used.

Any questions, just email me at

To a very profitable 2022/23

Sam Stevens Creator of the Draw Formula

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