Three of the most intriguing Kyle Fuller trade packages in 2021

Kyle Fuller is available ahead of the 2021 NFL trading deadline. Photo from Sports Illustrated.

As the Denver Broncos struggle to maintain momentum, 2021 Kyle Fuller business rumors have flooded the internet. Vic Fangio’s team started 3-0 but has fallen in every game since then.

And while the Denver Broncos’ defense was meant to be elite and dominant, they only managed to beat the bottom-ranked teams and didn’t look like they would stop in front of the well-trained teams. That could make them sellers as we get closer to the 2021 NFL trade deadline.

As you might expect, most of the trade rumors about the Broncos focus on one of the few moving pieces: Kyle Fuller. Fuller’s deal for the Broncos could get a couple of good assets in return and push their chance of competition, assuming the team is willing to move it, reports say.

2021 Kyle Fuller Trade Rumors: Bronco Trade News

There was a lot of hype and expectation when the Broncos signed Kyle Fuller prior to this season. Some said that with Ronald Darby and Patrick Sorten II also on the squad, Vic Fangio’s side would boast the strongest minor core in the league. This has not yet been the case.

Fuller looked far from the All-Pro player he was in 2018. He became fiery on deep passes and his coverage against the Steelers was far from ideal, with a passing foul being reported that eventually led to the relegation.

Then again, due to his resume and talent, some bands are still interested in taking a flyer for him. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the three possible destinations for the former Chicago bear:


In fact, Kyle Fuller’s commercial value isn’t quite that high at the moment. That doesn’t mean he can’t bring two exciting pieces in turn in the right scenario.

But if the Broncos goes into panic mode and goes through a quick sale before the deadline, a Super Bowl competitor like the Buffalo Bills can try to pounce.

The Bills can get a Fuller for the fourth and fifth round selection. The Broncos will likely keep rebuilding because they are still years away from the feud, and the Bills will get an insurance policy for their high school at a reasonable rate.


The Miami Dolphins haven’t looked the part yet. They were supposed to be legitimate play-off contenders from East Asia, but they didn’t look good even with Tua Tagoviloa on the field. In fact, this team may be picking the Top 5 next season unless it gets hot over the next couple of weeks.

Dolphins will be dropping the top 2 players – Xavien Howard and Byron Jones – today against the Jags in London. There was a lot of pressure on CB Noah Egbenogen in the first round of 2020, who had started his disappointing but wanted career in a big spot. Sounds like a game that has to be won.

But the Dolphins demonstrated a determination to immediately compete and would be aggressive toward the 2021 NFL trade deadline. They could execute Fuller’s deal to pair him with Byron Jones and Xavien Howard, and they could be desperate enough to offer a fourth-round pick and WR Preston Williams for him.


We can never rule out current Super Bowl champions when it comes to moving on to a former superstar. Tom Brady has done his part in recruiting veterans, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers clearly need help in high school, perhaps their only area of ​​interest as they look to win back-to-back Lombards.

Pirate can offer Fuller’s most attractive trading package.

They could replace WR Tyler Johnson, who was solid in limited action, along with a fourth-rounder versus the former All-Pro. If they really took their chances with Richard Sherman even though they looked washed out for most of last season, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them try their luck with Fuller.

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