Three reasons the Atlanta Braves can beat the Brewers in the Division Series

Corbin Burnes plays a key role in the NLDS. Photo from Fantrax.

Braves-Brewers NLDS will be as exciting as it will be unexpected. We’re talking about two teams with completely different strengths and philosophies, so it’s hard to pick an MLB in these kinds of situations.

These teams haven’t been exactly competitive for long, having met only 12 times over the past three seasons. Notably, no one had the advantage, as they tied 6-6 and finished the 2021 campaign with three wins each.

Then again, given how incredibly controlling the Milwaukee Brewers rotate throughout the year, a lot of people think they shouldn’t have much of a problem getting past the Atlanta Braves. That’s why the MLB postseason preview will look to make an argument to the contrary.

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Several months ago, the Atlanta Braves looked nothing like a post-season team. The loss of Ronald Acuña Jr this year was a huge blow to his offense, and some thought they couldn’t lift the team’s morale after they too were without Marcel Ozuna’s firepower.

Also, Max Fried struggled to start the year and the Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets looked better overall before the crash.

Fast forward to today, and the brave have apparently silenced their skeptics. This team got hot in time and never took their foot off the gas to seal this postseason berth.

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How can the Braves beat the Brewers?

When you take a look at this Braves vs Brewers series, there are a lot of factors to consider. But first of all, we have to discuss the current shape of both teams.

The Milwaukee Brewers were at the top of their division for most of the season. They’ve been pretty much running to the finish line during the latter part of the year and their already questionable attack has turned cold. On the other hand, the Atlanta Braves have been playing post-season style baseball for the past month or so.

Iced cold breweries

Throughout the final month of the season, the Milwaukee Brewers ranked 24th in points scored (93 in 25 games). They also ranked last in medium hit (.216), 27 in OBP (.290), 27 in hit (.379), and 27 in OPS (.680). Their players also scored 182 goals, the 23rd most in the league.

This team struggled to spark attack all year and got even cooler at the end of the year. It seems they can’t make it to base, can’t develop runners, and don’t have enough firepower to go the distance in the post-season.

The brave are on a mission

On the other side of the equation, we’re looking at the Atlanta Braves who were completely dominant on the hill during the final month of the regular season.

Braves ranked second in ERA (.305), third in WHIP (1.08), and first in cross-hit average (.206). Also, they beat their opponents 3 times during the last 23 games of the season, including a full game and scored 15-8 at the start of the season.

With that in mind, you have to love their chances against a team that doesn’t see the ball well, and even when they’re running a bit, they don’t have a lineup designed to score a lot of kicks.

keep it close

The Milwaukee Brewers have a swing advantage over nearly every team in the Majors except perhaps the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants. You know that their beginners can go deep into the games and will be forced through a lot of ups and downs.

That’s why the Atlanta Braves need to be patient and disciplined. They need to maintain their focus and keep them close, as they have the advantage in the later rounds of the game not because of the bulls but because of the poor attack of the Brewers thus far.

Keep the game close, and don’t try to overdo it if you fall behind, and you’ll have plenty of chances to get back in the game. If the Braves jump to an early lead, the Brewers won’t have enough firepower to come back.

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