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We are so excited!!!

After years of traveling, countless sweets and copious amounts of chocolate consumed, we’ve finally made the leap and worked with our great publishers to create our book, Handbags Only: Great Britain!

It’s hard to describe what this means to us in words, and it’s really ironic – especially since we were able to write every word in our book!

But this book and your generous and generous support made one of our biggest blogging dreams come true.

Several moons ago, since our early beginnings with our blog; Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest (plus more social media), Just Handbags has always been all about sharing our favorite tips, tricks, and hacks to make travel easier, accessible and totally fun!

After all, that’s what travel should be like; right?

And if you know anything about us, it’s how much we love our home; Great Britain. We are very fortunate to have amazing UNESCO World Heritage sites, beautiful national parks, picturesque islands, and a rich history spanning thousands of years!

We are very proud to call Great Britain our home.

Our book, Handbags Only: Great Britain, has arrived in stores across the UK; From independent bookstores, Waterstones, WH Smith, and many more.

Additionally, it is also available online at Amazon.

If you’re in the US and Australia, you’ll also find them across the country (and online bookstores). Though, don’t worry if you’re not in one of these countries; You can still see a copy here.

We can’t tell you how much support, generosity and love we’ve felt since our book was published and this year faithfully made! Heck, we held!

thank you very much! We rejoice from ear to ear!

Here’s how to get a copy of our book, Handbags Only: Great Britain

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