What Lies In Your Debt?®

What Lies In Your Debt?®


Our members are living proof that each of you reading this can absorb and use what they have learned about What lies in your religion? And use it very well!

Are you serially sending letter after letter to credit reporting agencies (CRA) and not getting results?

It’s a pretty consistent problem, people can’t get credit reporting agencies (CRAs) to remove negative or inaccurate information and sometimes they don’t respond at all.

Remember that your credit score is simply a reflection of how you handle money, not how much you have. We’d bet a dollar to a dime on your credit score costing you two ways.

The first is that you hesitate about an opportunity because you don’t have the capital to do so. The second way is that you pay extra on almost every cent you spend.

Have you heard of the “global default clause”?

Probably not because it is often written in very small print when applying and agreeing to new credit card terms. If you ever make a late payment on any credit card – that allows the credit card companies to charge you a ridiculous fee of 29.9% (or higher).

Yes, even if your MasterCard misses a payment, your Visa card can hit you with a massive increase in your interest rate.

When it comes to your money, it’s a dangerous world out there!

Such another trick they may have played on you – many times the credit card companies fail to report your limit or report a minimum amount on your card. This increases what’s known as your “utilization rate” – the difference between what you owe and the limit on your card.

The closer you get to your limit, the more likely your credit score will suffer.

The truth is that people who are going through hard times financially most of the time forget to check their credit reports and bankers and debt collectors report misleading information that can cost them dearly!

Nothing can be more upsetting to someone who is struggling financially than an onslaught of calls from debt collectors. But you don’t have to just sit back and take it. What Lies in Your Debt can show you how to turn those calls into cold, hard cash in just a few easy steps.

What Lies Your Debt can help you educate yourself about whether a debt collector is breaking the law by calling you late at night, and What Lies Your Debt regulations give you a simple breakdown of your rights under fair debt collection practices. Represent.

You may even need to be wary of debt collectors on Facebook. Debt collectors have been known to use all kinds of tricks to get the debtors they are after and make them pay. Now, they have a new tool in their box. Like the police and almost everyone else in the world, debt collectors discovered Facebook. If you owe money, beware of your friend.

You need to know the motives of the lenders. In the current market, homes do not sell or sell for much less than they might be worth despite what the media tells us. Lenders are not eager to acquire more inventory that they know they cannot sell, or must sell below market value; It’s a bad reflection on the bottom line and reveals how broken they really are. Therefore, if you are causing them trouble by defending your home, in most cases they are not interested in fighting aggressively with you to get your home. Do you realize that 99% of the attorneys who file foreclosures to start with are not prepared to deal with informed consumers.

They don’t know how to stand up against those of us who understand the system and other state and federal laws, besides not being afraid of them (the lawyer).

On the other hand, servants make more money when your house is in foreclosure from lenders than if you make timely payments. They’d rather pull it off, it’s just more profit for them. Why do you think your mortgage has been sold or transferred even while it is in foreclosure, because they are still making money!

Our members, whom we help in the resistance, have been in their homes for years. In some cases, foreclosures have gone into a “dormant” state with lenders doing nothing for an extended period of time. Our system will guide you from start to finish of the process, while you make money!

The facts remain that most banks or trusts that offer foreclosure procedures do not have the legal right to do so. In most cases, the servant, custodian, or appointed trustee is for a group of insured mortgages and the burden of proof is on the bank, not the homeowner. This is something that is difficult for most people to prove, to say the least.

In most foreclosure cases, there are defenses that will save you a huge amount of time. By using our proven system, you are putting the banks on the defensive and they cannot proceed with the foreclosure until they settle with you. In many cases, you will come to a positive agreement. In other words, you are making the bank see things your way!

The collectors prey on the weak, the fragile, the fearful, and those who have no knowledge.. Those who are not members of what lies in your religion?!

According to the Urban Institute, 35 percent of American consumers have debt in groups — amounting to nearly 77 million Americans.

Monk artists are plentiful in these economic times. Just check out Google’s attorney’s offices and state offices, where unscrupulous scammers plague struggling homeowners and people facing tough financial times.

If you only knew about the debt collection scam, you’ll never feel so bad again. We dare you to look it up for yourself. These scumbags pay less than a penny on the dollar and try to get the full amount.

They will use scare tactics like telling people they will be arrested or their wages will be falsified. The threats never stop but the truth is if most Americans knew how to drop the hammer on them to do so they would be out of work for months!

Control yourself and don’t depend on anyone to get through the tough times. Our proven system will show you how to keep banks and debt collectors on the hook while paying you every time they break the law!

Do you know why consolidating or working with settlement companies or attorneys who claim to be able to help you settle credit card debt is the biggest scam in America?

They claim to be able to get you a settlement of say 60 cents on the dollar, on top of the typical fee of 15% settlement, and now you’re up to 75% of the settlement total, right? wrong!!

They fail to tell you anything. You are actually paying 115% of what is called a good deal. Let’s not forget the IRS. The difference between 40% less than the amount you paid is considered earned income and the creditor will send you a 1099. You get it, 60 plus 40 plus 15 equals a whopping 115% of the total debt! Yes, I’m better off.

Debt Settlement – A Brand, Not A Solution!

Automatically increases your debt by 15% with all fees charged. The chances of you being sued increase and additional tax consequences incurred. Now the IRS comes in… can you say an audit?

You can stress trying to find a way to make the minimum payments each month or you can have them pay you. The facts are simple. You will never pay off credit card debt while making minimum payments!

This is easy to understand! There are many laws that make it easier for you to return to banks to harass you while calling you at all hours of the day, at work, at home and on your cell phone. They seem to enjoy teasing you, right? Well, you can stop all of this and get paid while doing it. We mean they get paid by the thousands!!!!

When you use the What Lies In Your Debt system, you can pay off your credit card debt literally in no time.

See, when you combine all the credit report hassles, unwanted calls, and unwanted texts and follow our easy-to-understand system, you can pay it off in no time.

It sounds too good to be true but it really works.

Using our friendly judgment lien process, you will ensure that none of your creditors can collect your salary or bank accounts. This system ensures that you are safe while using other processes to actually generate money and the last thing you need is for some creditors to take your hard earned money.

Again, if you’ve been on the defensive and are now facing a possible wage withholding or bank levy, this is your first step!

Thanks for making this possible. Now I am afraid no more!. I take this information and act on behalf of myself and my children.

With a 60-day full money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. If you don’t like it, simply request a refund within the first 60 days of your membership, and you’ll receive a full 100% refund.

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