What should be the Dodgers’ main priorities in the 2021/22 offseason?

Dodgers Dave Roberts failed again in the playoffs. Photo courtesy of Dodger Blue.

The Dodgers offseason numbers in 2021 and 2022 will be interesting. The club expected to win the World Championship for the second consecutive season but ultimately failed, losing to the NLCS Braves. There is now a whole host of Dodgers offseason needs that must be addressed if Los Angeles is to hope to return to the World Championships in 2022.

It will start with several free agents coming from Dodgers who will either need to be re-signed or replaced. But there are also weaknesses on the list that may need to be addressed. While the team undoubtedly expects to compete for another championship next year, there is a lot that needs to be done to make that happen.

The offseason dodgers need 2021

Regarding Dodgers offseason predictions for 2021-22, there’s no telling.

In years past, the organization has made it clear that there is no limit to what they will do to win championships. Of course, the first step is getting to know the Dodgers offseason needs and the situations that need to be addressed this winter.

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The rotation in Los Angeles could look significantly different in 2022 than the rotation in 2021.

The likes of Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer are free agents, as is Danny Duffy, although he didn’t contribute much after his mid-season gain.

There’s also no way the Dodgers can count on Trevor Bauer given his complicated situation. That leaves Walker Buehler, Julio Ureas and Tony Gonsulin as the main priority in the rotation with David Price being a wild card. While this is a good start, Dodgers will need to acquire a beginner one or two caliber pitchers such as the Kershaw and Scherzer.


There will also be a few holes to fill in for the bulls in Los Angeles this winter.

Closer is Kenley Jansen as a free agent and so is Corey Nebel, who was a senior for the Dodgers during the playoffs.

While Joe Kelly, Blake Trinen and others are on contract, it’s impossible to underestimate what losing Janssen and Nibel could mean. If the Dodgers could re-sign both, they wouldn’t hesitate to do so. If not, they will need to find other painkillers late in the game to replace them.

chris taylor stand

Taylor might be the Dodgers’ most overlooked free agent this winter.

Not only has he had some productive seasons as a hitter in Los Angeles but is a huge asset because he can play in any position.

It helps plug holes wherever Dodgers have one. The Dodgers used to have a similar player in Enrique Hernandez, who departed in free agency last winter.

The Dodgers cannot lose Taylor this winter without finding a suitable replacement.


Despite Cory Seeger’s access to the free agent market, Shortstop may not be much of a need for Dodgers.

However, the club needs to know his future in this position. Are they going to move Tria Turner to Shortstop and make Gavin Lux the second main man of the day?

Do they want to use Lux as a versatile man like Taylor has been for so many years?

Do they want to sign Turner on an extension knowing that he will be a free agent next winter?

There are plenty of options out there, but the Dodgers need to decide how they will handle their shortstop situation and whether or not they want to make an effort to re-sign Seager.

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