What to Do After a Minor Car Accident

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Steps To Take After A Minor Car Accident

When you’re involved in an auto accident It is crucial to realize that even though it might seem like an incident that is minor in the moment but an injury may occur after the event has been resolved. 

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Don’t think that all is okay because you are feeling fine right now.

Learn these steps to understand what to do following an incident that’s minor. Any car accident even one that appears to not be a significant accident, must be treated seriously. 

There are steps all drivers and passengers, whenever appropriate, should follow immediately after the accident. If you’ve been in a vehicle accident in any way, be sure to follow these rules given below.

1. Examine for any injuries.

Although there are times when injuries appear immediately If you do spot an obvious and immediate injury, obtaining the appropriate treatment for these injuries is essential and must be taken care of promptly.

 If you notice any obvious injury medical attention should be sought out at the site of the collision. The 911 number can provide the needed assistance immediately. Be aware of any changes in your health over time, because injuries may show up slowly as a result of the adrenaline and anxiety of the crash. This can dull or numb injury to the body.

2. Make sure you take photos or videos of the incident immediately.

If any injuries that are immediate have been evaluated, taking photographs of the cars on the scene of the collision immediately following the incident could be a crucial element of evidence later used to determine the fault. 

Make videos or photos of the cars from a variety of perspectives, as well as photographs of the street and surrounding area.

3. Remove vehicles from the street whenever it is feasible.

If your vehicle is operating, take it off the highway or road to allow for the movement of the traffic. 

If there’s a shoulder , you can take it as far you are able to safely. If there is a parking space, it would be the perfect spot to ensure that the streets are free from vehicles with disabilities and avoid any further injuries to yourself or others from cars that pass by.

4. Contact authorities to file a report of an accident.

Whatever the other driver says or suggests, never hesitate to call the appropriate law enforcement agency no matter how insignificant it may appear. In Atlanta 3-1-1 is the most important number for information from the government as well as non-emergency assistance.

You can call toll-free the Atlanta police department’s emergency number at (404) 61-6544. If you’re involved in a automobile accident, you can also dial 9-1-1 anytime to have an officer from the police department called to the scene even in the event that there isn’t an emergency. 

Inform the dispatcher that you were in a minor crash and that no one is believed to have been hurt. So, they will can only send a policeman at the scene to complete an accident’s report not to calling an ambulance. 

Do not sign any contracts to keep the incident off the record and don’t accept any cash payments to release it. It is essential to protect your legal rights, both for private and insurance-related reasons. Your insurance won’t cover damage in all situations with no official crash report being submitted.

5. Don’t accept blame or accept responsibility for the crash.

Although you shouldn’t give the other driver a claim of responsibility, you shouldn’t apologize for the crash since this means you accept responsibility. 

Keep your cool and calm as you wait for authorities to arrive at investigate the scene. The best way to handle an accident of a minor nature is knowing that you will never accept blame regardless of whether you feel guilty in a small way. 

After the event of an accident, our instinctual compassion can make up a false story within our heads. Let the police officer make his own decisions and address questions with honesty in a brief manner.

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6. Find contact information and insurance details.

Once you’ve gotten off the road, whenever possible, exchange insurance and contact details with the driver who was driving immediately. 

Make sure the exchange is professional and relevant. Be sure to obtain their address, name, and the contact number, and note down the insurance details. 

Include the company’s name and telephone number and also the policy number. If you have passengers in the vehicle with you request their contact information in case they have to present statements at a later date.

7. Continue to the scene of the accident until you are allowed to depart.

Don’t leave an accident scene after law enforcement is summoned, regardless of how small the incident seems to you. The act of leaving the scene is illegal and you should stay in your vehicle, unless the injuries need to be transported in an ambulance to a hospital to receive treatment. 

If this happens the law enforcement agency can contact you in the event of an emergency.

8. Notify your auto insurer.

After the initial steps are completed, contact your personal insurance provider immediately and provide them with information about the accident. Whatever the driver who is responsible it is imperative to inform your insurer right away to protect your rights and also any claims filed against your insurer.

9. Consult an Duluth car accident lawyer.

There are injuries that aren’t apparent immediately. There could be greater injuries than it appears when car repairs start. 

These steps will help you figure out what to do following an accident that is minor is important, however, calling an attorney in a car accident is the only way to ensure that your rights are safeguarded.

A lawyer who specializes in auto accidents can make a an enormous difference in the outcome of your insurance claim. You can also determine what will be awarded after your initial shock from the collision diminishes.

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